About Technology-Colleges.Info

Technology-College.Info’s Goal

Technology-colleges.info’s goal is simple. To provide incoming college students, IT industry professionals, and anyone who has interest, with information about the field of Information Technology. The IT field contains a wide variety of different specialties, including everything from computer forensics, to software development, web design, and many more.

This website provides information, broken down by the various IT specialties, on careers, salaries, schools, degree programs, and resources. This website was developed by interviewing and working with dozens of professionals in the field of technology in order to portray an accurate picture of what this field is truly all about.

Please know, this website is information based. You are able to request complimentary information regarding the various IT schools and IT degree programs. However, there is no obligation and no fees associated with doing so.

Technology Careers

Inbound college students, whether right out of high school or already established in a career field but wanting to change to an IT career, may be certain they are a good fit for a degree and career in the IT field. But oftentimes they still ponder which specialty they would be most successful in. Technology-colleges.info helps these individuals, who are still unsure of the IT specialty they wish to pursue, have a better understanding of the differences between IT specialties, the challenges and benefits of each of the specialties, and even personality traits or skills that are better suited for one category over the other.

Degree Programs

There are a variety of both online and campus-based IT degree programs available. This website provides information on IT degree programs from accredited colleges and universities, including both online and campus-based modalities.


Not only does technology-colleges.info provide information on IT degree programs and schools, it provides detailed information on salaries, broken down by each of the IT specialties. While IT salaries, like salaries in all other professions, vary widely by geographic location, years of experience, and level of education; this information provides a general range.

State-specific IT Information

To see more specific salaries by geographic location, visit the states tab. This tab provides information on IT careers drilled down to the IT specialty, the state, and even some of the major cities. The state pages also provide information on which IT degree programs are offered in each of the states, both online and campus-based programs.

Resources and Job Resources

Another section on this site is devoted to providing both general resources as well as IT job resources. The General IT Resources section includes useful resources, broken down by the specific IT specialization of interest. The IT Job Resources section of the site provides links to websites that allows you to search for, or post for, IT jobs. The information provided in these sections, along with most other sections of the website, were gathered from talking to dozens of IT professionals, and seeing which resources they found to be most beneficial.

Day in the Life of an IT Professional

Some people learn best about a career field by job shadowing. While we can’t help you actually set up a job shadow, the purpose of the Day in the Life section (found on the left-hand side of the site, in the green tab) is to provide real life accounts of individuals in this field, across all levels and all different IT categories. The individuals we interviewed were honest about both the benefits and pitfalls of their IT job. Please realize these benefits and challenges can differ depending on the company and actual job position you hold in IT.

If you or someone you know is in the field of IT and would be willing to be interviewed via email for a “Day in the Life” testimony, please contact technology-colleges.info at brey@xyzmedia.net