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Computer networking can have many functions – email, database usage and upkeep, customer relations management – it’s a little different with every business.  The Associates Degree programs in IT or information systems are often enough for businesses looking for someone to maintain an existing network and scale it up as needed.  These Associates’ Degree programs are often geared more toward specific types of jobs than towards information science in general.  But often, it’s the office employee that understands how the house network functions that is the most critical employee, when IT problems develop.

Because the state of the art in both hardware and software changes so often, certification in a particular aspect of information technology can be a valuable asset.  Someone with networking experience will find their employment opportunities enhanced with certification in the use of C++ for example.  A systems administrator with certification in Java may find a new role in website design and development for a large retail operation.

Bachelor’s degrees in Information Systems or Technology might take you towards a mid-level management role in customer relations or perhaps investor communications.  If you have some experience or formal training in economics or business there are multiple roles that include information networking.  Some of these jobs are directly related to corporate performance, since Customer Relations Management software has become the platform for the daily activities in many businesses. 

Understanding networking is critical to every level of many businesses.  You can find a role at the maintenance level, in departmental management, or as a systems manager with direct responsibility for the bottom line.  Each step calls for the right combination of business or occupational experience and technical ability.

all tech schools

Salaries with Networking Degrees

Average annual earnings with Networking Degrees in May 2004.

  • Lowest 10 % earned $54,000
  • Median $71,000
  • Highest 10% earned $118,000

Related occupations with Networking Degrees:

  • Scientific research and development services $91,390
  • Computer and peripheral equipment manufacturing 87,800
  • Software publishers 83,670
  • Computer systems design and related services 79,950
  • Wired telecommunications carriers 74,370