How Do I Become a Computer Forensics Specialist in Alabama?

Alabama is one of the best states for those hoping to pursue a career as a computer forensics specialist. The state is home to the renowned National Computer Forensics Institute, which opened in 2008. This is where most of Alabama's residents interested in the field go to study, though people from all over the world do attend the school. Each year, approximately 900 students, including those new to computer forensics and those already working in the field, go to the National Forensics Institute where they study the newest ways of fighting cyber crime.

alabama computer forensics schools

Of course, not everyone attends that particular school. Some Alabama residents choose to gain knowledge and experience in their chosen field by attending online classes. Strayer University of Birmingham and Strayer University of Huntsville, which offer bachelor's degrees in criminal justice with a focus on computer security and finance are two popular options in the state. Still, others choose to attend computer forensics "boot camps," which, while not offering a degree, do offer a great amount of information and training to those seeking entry level positions in the field. Some even offer certifications in computer forensics, which can help potential applicants to stand out about the competition.

Each state has its own unique policies surrounding the practice of computer forensics and on who can work in the field. In Alabama, entry level positions in computer forensics are open to anyone with the proper training, and Alabama's procedures are guided by the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Amendments. However, those who hope to work in data recovery in a situation where evidence found would be used in a court of law are required to become licensed private investigators. This can be accomplished by receiving the proper training and then completing testing.

Those who live in the state and who work in computer forensics on some level can expect to receive very high salaries. Of course, some areas of Alabama offer higher salaries than others, but the average salary a computer forensics professional receives in the state is approximately $65,000 to $72,000, per year, dependent upon where they live, their level of education and training, and the amount of experience possessed. Birmingham, Huntsville, and Montgomery are three cities where computer forensics specialists tend to be paid a higher than average rate, and as such the jobs in these areas are extremely competitive.

No matter where a person plans to work in the field, the right training is absolutely necessary. It doesn't matter where one receives this training, be it through an online program or through a traditional university; all that matters is that they receive it. Without the proper education and/or training, it can be next to impossible to get hired in the field. Once a person is hired, however, education and training usually don't stop there. In order to move up to higher paying positions, most people will choose to continue their education. Luckily, there are lots of ways to do this in Alabama.

Schools offering online and campus-based education programs in Alabama:

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