How to Qualify to be a Computer Forensics Expert in Arizona

Computer forensics can best be described as a field that focuses on the collection and investigation of evidence found on digital devices and/or computers. The evidence collected is often used in a court of law. As such, only the most serious and well trained professionals will be able to work in this highly demanding field. This is especially true for those who live in Arizona, where internet crime is running rampant, and educated, highly trained professionals in the field are in high demand. A good candidate to be a computer forensics expert is someone who has a working knowledge of computers and other technology and who has a keen eye for detail. If you possess those features and think you would enjoy working as a computer forensics expert in Arizona, then your best course of action is to pursue a bachelor's degree in a related field, since most professionals working in the state possess at least this degree of education.

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To receive a bachelor's degree in Arizona, students of state (not private) institutions are required to complete at least 120 credit hours. Also, for a degree that is truly useful, the prospective student will want to make sure that his or her school is fully accredited. Also, taking a looking at what past graduates of the program have gone on to do is a good idea and can help the student to get a true picture of the school's success rate. Above all, what is learned in the program is the most important thing. A good bachelor's degree program in computer forensics should cover the history of computer forensics, how to manage a crime scene, how to collect evidence, basic forensic psychology, digital fingerprinting, serology, DNA collection and analysis, how to categorize computer crime, various legal issues, search rules, the process of performing an internet investigation, tools used for searching and analysis, cryptography, forensic software and hardware knowledge, phishing, online scams, identity theft, interviewing techniques, fraud examination, and collecting fraud evidence.

Once a student has graduated from a reputable computer forensics program, which usually takes about four years time, he or she will want to consider completing an internship in a related field. An internship is a wonderful way to gain real hands on experience and can also lead to important connections and networking opportunities which can help newcomers to the field to land jobs. In fact, some recent graduates actually end up being employed at the place of business where they complete their internships. As such, finding a program that can alert a student to internship opportunities is extremely important. Those who have worked an internship or had some other kind of experiential learning are much more likely to be hired in the field than those who have not.

For those who choose not to complete an internship or for those who do complete one without receiving any job offers, there are tons of entry level positions available to those with education in the field. Police departments, private agencies, and government agencies are all excellent places to begin searching for work.

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