Where do Computer Forensic Specialists Work in Colorado?

If you live in Colorado and possess education and/or training in computer forensics, you can likely use your skills to become some kind of computer forensics specialist. Throughout the state and the world in general, there are many different jobs that people with these backgrounds can do. Some choose to work independently while others join forces with major organizations or some with even smaller companies. Since Colorado is a state that has a high demand for computer forensic specialists in many different areas and job descriptions, it is an excellent place to seek work in the field.

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A large amount of computer forensics specialists actually work as private investigators, an exciting job description. These professionals track behaviors and deeds done on computers and other electronic devices. While they usually have an educational background in computer forensics, those who reside in Colorado must also be licensed by the state as a professional private investigator. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2008, approximately 45,000 people were working as private investigators. Of these, many were privately employed, while others worked for private companies, used the work as a second source of income, or worked for state and/or local government agencies.

Of course, not everyone with a computer forensics background wants the excitement and risk that goes along with being a private investigator. Fortunately, there are many other job opportunities in the field in Colorado. A large percentage of computer forensics specialists in Colorado work with local or state level law enforcement on a variety of projects and investigations. Still others choose to work with the sheriff's office or even with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) or the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). These are jobs that carry with them excellent benefits and a lot of respect. Usually, to get these jobs, applicants must possess perfect background records, good credit, and the highest level of education possible. They will also be subject to extensive psychological testing before being employed.

Another very prestigious job in the computer forensics field is with the military. The United States military has many bases throughout the state of Colorado, and computer forensics specialists are employed widely to work in the intelligence field. While many people avoid the military for fear of combat, these jobs are primarily desk jobs and do not tend to put the worker in any real danger. Also, relocation is less likely with these positions.

Colorado residents with computer forensics training also commonly work in finance. They may be employed by loan companies or called in to work with a variety of different stores and businesses. Their job in these cases is primarily to detect fraud, track down crimes related to money, or monitor businesses for misconduct. Some individuals working in this field will work with one business or company exclusively, while others will travel frequently, working with corporations all over the state and sometimes even beyond. With experience, some end up working in consulting, helping businesses to hire computer forensics specialists or to perform monitoring tasks independently.

Of course, teaching is another viable alternative. With several colleges and high schools throughout Colorado, computer forensics instructors are always in high demand. With so many opportunities available in the state, a person with the right background can do just about anything.

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