Become a Computer Forensic Specialist in Connecticut?

To be a computer forensics specialist requires years of training and education. This is especially true in Connecticut, where there are many individuals working in the field in various facets. The high availability of computer forensics specialists makes the competition in the state absolutely fierce. As such, only the best and brightest need apply. In fact, even the lowest entry level positions will generally not hire applicants without at least a bachelor's degree in the field or in a related field. Therefore, education is absolutely vital to pursuing a career in computer forensics.

connecticut computer forensics schools

One of the most popular Connecticut schools for those hoping to become computer forensics specialists is the University of New Haven, located in West Haven, which offers both a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in forensics. Those who have already obtained a bachelor's degree, even if it is in an unrelated field, can still apply for a master's degree. In fact, the school enjoys accepting applicants from a diverse background, so this is a wonderful opportunity for those who are changing careers late in the game and who need to supplement their education. Of course, not everyone is ready to jump in and commit to four years of college at once. For these individuals, Naugatuck Valley Community College, located in Waterbury, offers an associate's degree in forensics. This two year program will make graduates eligible for some, very entry-level positions and is also an easy way to transfer credits to a more specialized program.

Of course, not everyone comes to a career as a computer forensics specialist by majoring directly in forensics. Some choose to major in some area of law enforcement, while others might major in computer science or a related field. The main thing is that the degree is directly related to what the individual hopes to do in the forensics field and the jobs that he or she will be applying for after graduation.

Also, a great way to secure a high paying computer forensics specialist position after college is to take on an internship. While internships are not required by the state of Connecticut, they are strongly encouraged. Both of the schools mentioned above can and do link graduates and current students with internship programs to help them gain real world experience and begin building their resumes even before they graduate. This is a very important quality for a school to have, and students who go elsewhere will want to make sure their school offers such opportunities.

An internship, which can be paid or unpaid, gives recent graduates and/or current students the opportunity to gain invaluable inexperience and to learn from working professionals in the field by placing them in jobs of interest. An internship does more than just provide experience, however. It is also an excellent way for students and graduates to network with other professionals and may even lead to future employment by the place of business where the internship took place or by connections made while working there.

Schools offering online and campus-based education programs in Connecticut:

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