What Education is Required in Order to Be a Computer Forensics Analyst in Hawaii?

If you live in Hawaii and are interested in becoming a computer forensics analyst, you are probably interested in knowing the fastest and most straightforward way to make your career dream a reality. The truth is, however, that there is no one way to break into the field. Some people working in computer forensics in the state fell into it due to holding jobs in law enforcement or simply applying for an entry level position at the right time and then working their way up. Others started as private investigators and then developed an interest in computer forensics. Despite the wide variety of different ways that people come into computer forensics analyst positions in Hawaii, the most effective and surefire way is to get the proper education.

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In Hawaii, there are many different colleges and universities that offer associate's and bachelor's degrees in computer forensics. There are also online schooling opportunities for those who already work full time jobs or have other restrictions on their time. While these programs are very effective ways of breaking into the computer forensics field, it is recommended that applicants hold professional certifications in computer forensics before they enroll. This is partly because being a computer forensics analyst is such a demanding job, and the schools want to make sure the students realize the extent of the position and what they are getting themselves into, and partly because employers are far less likely to hire an individual without specialized experience in the field. Suggested certification areas in Hawaii include computer networking, computer programming, data recovery, encryption, internet networking protocols, computer privacy/security, operating systems, and file systems. A good educational program will cover all of these areas and more, but a certification program allows the student to study the particular area of interest in greater depth.

Hawaii residents hoping to work in computer forensics as police investigators or in other law enforcement positions will be required to complete specialized training at a local police academy before they begin work. This will require an extensive background check, psychological testing, and intense training, so applicants should be prepared. Those who hope to work as analysts for private companies and businesses will not be required to complete police training but will likely need to obtain more specialized certificates before being hired.

In addition, those who seriously want to become computer forensics analysts in Hawaii will need to have good communication skills, a keen eye for detail, be good at working with others, and have the drive and determination it takes to effectively do this difficult and demanding but very rewarding job. Those who possess these qualities and who work hard during training and after they are hired are much more likely to have success in this field, which is also very lucrative. In fact, computer forensics analysts are some of the most highly paid professionals in Hawaii, with their combined average salary regularly beating out the overall average salary.

Schools offering online and campus-based education programs in Hawaii:

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