What Kind of Tasks and Analysis do Computer Forensic Specialists do in Idaho?

There are many people in Idaho who think they might be interested in a career as a computer forensic specialist. However, the vast majority of these individuals don't understand exactly what a computer forensic specialist does in the state. There is no one word answer to describe the various tasks and analysis jobs performed by computer forensic specialists in Idaho. In fact, a specialist's job description depends heavily on where he or she works and on any specialized areas of training. However, there are certain tasks that most computer forensic specialists do on some level and that tend to be more common than others.

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Before describing what a computer forensic specialist in Idaho does, it is important to understand what exactly computer forensics is. Computer forensics can best be described as a type of science focused on the purpose of finding and exploring evidence found on computers or other computing devices, such as cellular telephones. Data hidden on these devices is often found and may be used in a court of law as evidence. Computer forensic specialists may also work as private investigators, finding incriminating information about a person and giving it to the requesting person privately. They may also work to find and gain proof against those who commit crimes, such as the transmission of child pornography, on the internet.

Idahoan computer forensic specialists who work mainly in internet crimes are part of a growing field, as the internet is being used more and more to commit crimes. Professionals working n this aspect of the field might investigate cases of identity theft, phishing, money laundering, gambling, and more. To deal with the onslaught of internet crime, new technologies have been developed, and computer forensic specialists must constantly learn how to use these technologies successfully. Skilled professionals should be able to work in firewall forensics, database forensics, network forensics, cellular telephone forensics, and anything else the technological world develops.

In Idaho, the job of a computer forensic specialist performing an investigation can be broken down in a few easy to understand steps. These include collecting incriminating data, such as photos or files, from computers or other electronic device; examining the found data and analyzing it to determine if it counts as "evidence;" and reporting on findings to the case commissioner. The "case commissioner" could be anyone from a wife who fears her husband is cheating to a police investigator trying to solve a murder case; again it all depends on where the computer forensic specialist works.

Obviously, this is a demanding job that is not for everyone. In Idaho, where the need for computer forensic specialists is especially high, the competition for such positions is fierce. As such, those who think they would like to work in the field are encouraged to pursue the highest level of education possible from an accredited institution, to complete an internship or experiential learning in the field of their choice, and to earn specialized certifications.

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