How is the Job Market in Maine for a Computer Forensic Specialist?

If you're a Maine resident considering a career as a computer forensic specialist, you're probably concerned about what the job market is like. The good news for you is that, even in this tough economy, there are tons of positions for computer forensic specialists available. In fact, despite the difficult times our country has been experiencing, more jobs have actually opened up in the field, and there have been few layoffs or mass firings. That's because in today's world, cyber crime and other incidents involving computers are happening all the time, and only well trained computer forensic specialists are capable of doing the job right. In Maine, there is a particularly high demand for professionals that possess a formal education in the field and at least some experience.

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Though there are many jobs available in Maine in the computer forensics field, they are tough positions to fill. That's because not just anyone can do a computer forensic specialist job. In fact, to even be considered for the position, an applicant needs to possess at least a bachelor's degree in a related field. In fact, most hiring institutions will require a bachelor's degree in addition to specialized certification courses that must be completed before the person can be hired. Obviously then, those who really want to work this job will need to take their higher education seriously.

Individuals who do not yet possess at least a bachelor's degree will want to find a related program to major in. Unfortunately, Maine is not home to many schools that offer computer forensics programs, so prospective students will likely need to look outside the state or turn to online colleges and universities. As long as a school is fully accredited and offers internship opportunities either during school or upon graduation, it is a good choice. For those who absolutely must have a campus based opportunity, Maine's Andover College does offer a certification and an associate's degree in both criminal justice and general legal studies. Though an associate's degree or a certification alone is not likely to land you a job, these are excellent starting points, and credits earned in an associate's degree program can usually be transferred to a bachelor's degree program with little to no difficulty.

Once a prospective computer forensics specialist has completed a degree program, the next step is usually to do an internship that is directly related to the exact job the individual would eventually like to have. Internships, which may be paid or unpaid, are excellent ways for new graduates to gain experience in their chosen fields and to make important business connections. In fact, many individuals completing internships will be hired by the company where they intern. Even If they are not, the internship makes a wonderful addition to any resume and makes it much more likely that the individual will be hired as a computer forensic specialist. While many new workers do have to start with entry-level positions, working hard and using learned skills makes it easy to move up the success ladder.

Schools offering online and campus-based education programs in Maine:

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