What Exactly Does a Computer Forensic Expert do in Massachusetts?

To be a computer forensic expert in Massachusetts, especially if you're working in one of the big cities like Boston, involves a lot of important duties and skills. Since computer forensic expert jobs are so well paid, they are usually highly competitive, and only the best stand a chance of being hired. As such, if you are going to go out for these jobs you need to make sure you possess the appropriate skills, education, experience, and training to carry out the duties. If you do not possess something, then there is always the chance to go out and make it happen; you just have to be persistent and diligent.

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A computer forensic expert should be able to perform both forensic imaging and data recovery. This means being able to retrieve deleted files, images, and other information from a computer and to make them admissible as evidence in a court of law. Massachusetts computer forensic experts may be called on to perform these duties at a crime scene or in an office, so they should be competent at doing both. They must also know how to perform tasks related to computer forensic investigation, evidence analysis, and electronic discovery both for corporate and legal ventures.

In addition to doing the actual work of a computer forensic expert, that is to say the work most people think of when they think of these professionals, you must also be able to report on your findings and work appropriately, to create affidavits, to travel to and act accordingly in depositions, and to give testimony in legal trials when called upon to do so. As such, a flexible schedule and serious devotion to your work is required. A computer forensic expert may also be called upon to help with general strategic planning, budgeting, and the management of other computer forensic professionals. Being able to research the latest developments in the fields, to use common computer forensic tools, and to find solutions to problems that come up is also important.

While every different workplace will likely have its own requirements for computer forensic experts, some skills will more than likely be required for professionals working in Massachusetts. These include being CCE certified, having at least three years of education or internship/work experience in the field, experience with imaging and analysis, being proficient with EnCase, X-ways, Helis, Trident, FTK, and other commonly used computer forensic tools, having strong communication skills, being a fast learner and a self starter, possessing knowledge and experience dealing with computer hardware, servers, networks, cellular telephones, and other internet capable devices, experience with DOS, all version of Windows, UNIX, LINUS, and MacOS, experience with SQL, Microsoft Exchange, and Lotus Notes, and experience with general scripting and programming.

If, after reading through this information, you find you are lacking in any specific area, then you will need to make the appropriate changes in order to increase your chances of getting hired. Most lacking areas can easily be filled by completing a training program, an internship, or getting more education.

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