What are the Responsibilities of a Computer Forensic Expert in Nevada?

Nevada residents who are interested in pursuing a career as a computer forensic expert often wonder what, exactly, the job will entail. Unfortunately, that is not a simple question to answer. Nevada is full o computer forensic experts, and it seems that they all do different things and work in different fields. That's because, in this state, computer forensics experts are in high demand are hired to work in many different areas. Your job duties as a computer forensic expert, then, would depend heavily on the exact position you want to have.

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Nevada is a state with a lot of infidelity. In fact, there are more documented cases of infidelity in Nevada than in any other state. As such, there is a high demand for computer forensic experts who specialize in infidelity cases. These professionals may work for a private firm or they may operate independently as a private investigator, with some even owning their own businesses. They are usually employed by spouses or lovers who suspect their partners of cheating. Common duties associated with being an infidelity investigator include hacking into and monitoring the internet activity of the suspected cheater, including emails and chat and/or instant messenger discussions; tracking travel done by the suspected cheater; conducting asset searches; using electronic devices to eavesdrop on conversations; identifying the person the suspected cheater may be having relations with; and also dealing with child custody and child support issues.

A computer forensic career that bears similarities to being an infidelity investigator and that sometimes overlaps is being a child support investigator. Using the internet and any available information on the parent who is not paying child support, these investigators work to track down the debtor, who is then forced to pay back child support or face jail time. Some investigators also specialize in locating people online, such as when reuniting family members or finding adoptive parents.

However, the vast majority of computer forensic experts in Nevada work in conjunction with law enforcement or with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) or the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Experts are brought in on cases where it is suspected that evidence will be found on the suspect's computer or other internet accessible device. It is the job of the forensic computer expert to find the evidence on the computer, which often involves retrieving deleted files, email messages, images, and other data. The computer forensic expert must know how to handle the recovery process appropriately and how to handle all devices correctly so that anything found can be considered admissible in a court of law. In some cases, the computer forensic expert may also be called upon to testify in court.

There are also many Nevada computer forensic experts who choose not to work in the field directly. Usually, this decision is made by those who did work in the field for many years and became ready for a change. These individuals might oversee the investigations of other computer forensic investigators, help with strategic planning for cases, or even provide instruction in computer forensics in high schools or colleges.

Obviously, there are a lot of different jobs in which computer forensic experts can work in Nevada. Even once inside the field, there is always room for change and growth, so the job never has to grow old or boring. In fact, usually when people change their job description, it is because of too much excitement, not because of a lack of! If you are serious about wanting a career in computer forensics, first figure out what exactly you want to do and then get the training and/or education required to make your dream come true.

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