Basic Tips for a Beginner Computer Forensic Specialist in Oklahoma

As someone who has just been employed as a computer forensic specialist in the state of Oklahoma, you are likely dealing with a lot of confusing and perhaps even overwhelming emotions. You probably feel proud of yourself that you have finally landed a job in computer forensics. You might, however, also feel concerned about what it is you are supposed to do, especially if your boss hasn't done a very good job of making your job duties clear. And, if you're like most people, you likely feel a little disappointed if you're not working at the place you always dreamed of or if your position is very entry level. This is often the case with college graduates who expected to run out and get the highest paying jobs right off the bat. You should know, however, that everything you're feeling is normal, natural, and even healthy. Don't be afraid, first and foremost, to be proud of yourself and your accomplishment of getting a job in computer forensics. This is something many people dream of but never accomplish, so you have come quite a long way.

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If you are feeling overwhelmed with your new job or uncertain about your duties, don't be afraid to ask questions of your boss or your other co-workers. Many people think that asking questions is a negative thing and that it portrays them as "stupid," or not up to par with the rest of the employees. However, this is not the case at all. The smartest people are those who ask questions, because they learn from the answers. Also, when you ask questions of your boss or others who are in positions above you, you show them that you are eager to learn and do your best, something that can come in handy at promotion or bonus time.

If you're one of the many who is feeling disappointed with your career, then you need to not let this show. Not being happy with your job is an easy way to develop a negative attitude – something your supervisors can spot from a mile away. Remind yourself that this is your first job in the computer forensics field, and that Rome wasn't built in a day. Those around you who are working as the most advanced and highly paid computer forensic specialists did not get there overnight. Instead, they worked long and hard and gained experience doing lower level jobs first. So, show appreciation for your position. Come to work with a smile on your face, and always do anything anyone asks of you. This will show that you do not have a haughty attitude and that you can find value in any task.

Depending on your current level of education, you might also want to think about going back to school. If you have a two year associate's degree, for example, you could easily transfer your credits and complete a bachelor's degree after work or online at any time. Those with a bachelor's or associate's degree can benefit from taking certification courses directly related to their line of work as well. Pursuing education shows your boss that you are serious about learning and growing as a computer forensic specialist and that you want to go as far as you possibly can with your career. In some cases, your company may even pay for your continuing education, since it benefits both you and the company as a whole. Even if you don't decide to go back to school, remember that every new task you are given at work is a learning opportunity and should be viewed as such.

As you work at your very first job as an Oklahoma computer forensic specialist, don't forget to stop and look back at how far you have come. Remember that when you were pursuing your education, this is what you always dreamed of –having a real, paying job in the field. If you can do this daily in addition to following all of the other tips presented here, not only will you enjoy your job more and learn more, but you'll also stand a much higher chance of moving up in your profession quickly.

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