What Can A Computer Forensic Expert Find Online in Rhode Island?

If you are a computer forensic expert working in Rhode Island, then you likely use the internet for many different purposes. Perhaps you even received your education in the field online. If so, then you know how important a tool the internet can be. What you might not realize, however, is just how many things you can do online that can help to advance you further in your chosen profession or that can even give you new opportunities for work, whether you want to branch out and start a business of your own or whether you're just looking for extra work and extra money that can be made on the side.

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One of the easiest ways to increase your earnings by using the internet is by increasing your education through online courses. Whether you already possess an associate's degree, a bachelor's degree, a certificate, or even no formal education at all, you can increase your skill set and make yourself more valuable to your company by increasing your education level. Since Rhode Island is a small state, using the internet affords you many opportunities you won't have by simply attending schools in state.

Popular online education choices for Rhode Island residents include American Intercontinental University, which offers a bachelor's degree in computer forensics and Kaplan University, which offers a bachelor's degree in computer crime. Both of these are schools that do have physical locations in Rhode Island, but you can branch even further and attend schools that you only have online or mail correspondence with. Common choices include South University which offers two bachelor's degree programs in criminal justice, one with an emphasis on cyber crime and another with an emphasis on crime scene investigation; Strayer University, which offers a bachelor's degree in criminal justice with an emphasis on computer security and forensics; Utica College which offers two bachelor's degrees in cyber security, one with an emphasis on cybercrime investigations and security, and another with an emphasis on information assurance; Virginia College, which offers a master's degree in cyber security; Walden University, which offers bachelor's degree programs in computer information systems and security, information systems security, and human computer interaction and a master's degree in enterprise information security; University of Phoenix which offers an associate's degree in information technology, a bachelor's degree in information system security, and a master's degree in information technology; and Capella University which offers a bachelor's degree in information security and a master's degree in the same.

Of course, not everyone is interested in continuing his or her education. When this is the case, there are other things that computer forensic experts can do to work or make more money online. Since computer forensics experts are well versed in finding hidden information and investigation clues, many go to work as "locators." Online locators might work to reunite long lost friends or lovers or to help adopted children find their birth parents or vice versa. They might also work tracking down delinquent criminals or deadbeat parents who do not pay child support. To perform legal work such as this in Rhode Island, it is necessary to become a certified private investigator first.

Some computer forensics experts also choose to supplement their incomes by working as teachers for online colleges and universities looking for telecommuting instructions in the computer forensics field. A formal background in education is not necessary, and training is usually free of charge. Many computer forensic experts feel that this is an excellent way to give back and to help others with dreams of working in the field.

No matter what your reasons for wanting to branch out and use the internet even more than you already do as a computer forensics expert, your efforts should be applauded. In your line of work, you already work very hard, and wanting to take on a new challenge or project is a sign of a truly industrious person. No one knows better than you the power of the internet and all of the many opportunities it can provide. Especially in a small state like Rhode Island, the vastness of the internet is something that should be appreciated.

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