What is the Beginning Salary for a Computer Forensic Expert in Virginia?

If you are considering pursuing a career as a computer forensic specialist in the state of Washington, then you are probably concerned about what special certifications or licenses you will need to practice. The good news is that not every computer forensic specialist job will require you to obtain certification outside of receiving a degree from an accredited higher learning institution. Some jobs, however, such as for those who wish to work as private investigators or who to work in or with law enforcement, will require certification from the state. Before you even begin to worry about certification, however, you'll need to think about what level of education you wish to pursue.

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Washington state is always in desperate need of qualified computer forensic specialists. As such, this is one of the easier states in which to land a job in the field. This means that it is possible to find work with nothing more than a two year associate's degree. These degrees, which can be obtained from most community colleges in the state or even online, offer an overall understanding of computer forensics and give students basic knowledge they will need to pursue a career in the field. It is not uncommon for employers to require or request that a prospective applicant with an associate's degree complete further training or attend a certification course in a more specialized area that is directly related to the job. In some cases, the employer may even pay for this training.

The positions for which associate's degree holders are hired tend to be very basic and usually do not pay as well as the ones offered to those who possess at least a bachelor's degree. These four year degrees are highly specialized and give students an in depth look at the field and in the particular area where they intend to work. Applicants who have reached this degree level or higher qualify for the most lucrative and prestigious computer forensic specialist positions available.

One way to make a bachelor's degree go even further and make you even more money is by choosing to complete an internship program at a related business or company during college or upon graduation. Internships, which can be paid or unpaid, are experiential learning opportunities that should be treated as an actual job by the recent graduate. Not only are internships a great way to build up a sparse resume, but they can also enable newcomers to the field to forge important connections with working professionals. In some cases , interns may be offered a position at the company or business for which they interned upon completion of the internship. Even when this doesn't happen, students are often referred to or pointed in the direction of other similar companies that are currently hiring. Hand down, an internship coupled with an education is the most surefire way to land a job in the industry.

It is important to note however, that some people come to the field later in life, after they have already earned degrees, usually unrelated, and worked in other positions. Since computer forensics is a relatively new field, there are many master's level and doctorate level programs that are open to accepting students from a wide range of often unrelated educational and work backgrounds. Sometimes, your unique experiences in other professions or types of study can even work for you in the workforce, so don't feel discouraged or as though your previous education has been wasted.

So, in effect, there is no short and sweet, simple answer to what you'll need to do to achieve a career as a computer forensic specialist in Washington. People come to these careers from a wide array of backgrounds and degree programs. It can be a good idea, however, to talk to others who currently hold the job you aspire to and to ask them how they got to where they are. Most people will be happy to offer you advice and help you to reach your goals. You can also do some research on your own, via the internet and careers guides, which, after all, is what a good computer forensic specialist would do.

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