How To Get Arizona Computer Networking Certification

Computer Networking License

When it comes to pursuing education in computer networking, there are a ton of different program options available. Some students prefer to get a two year degree, known as an associate's degree, while others spend four years getting a bachelor's degree. Still, other simply go in for a certification within a particular area of the field. In truth, there really is no right or wrong answer for receiving an education in computer networking. The trick is for students to determine what it is they wish to do before they start their educations. That way, they can customize their educational paths to meet their present and future career goals.

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A popular course of study for many is in computer network engineering. There are both associate's and bachelor's degree in the field as a whole as well as certifications in certain areas. Education in computer network engineering qualifies individuals for careers as network technicians, network control analysts, network service administrators, and for many other related positions. Generally, students will gain a firm knowledge of Unix OS, network essentials, various desktop applications, Microsoft Network Operating Systems, and HTML. Graduates of the program who work in Arizona can often earn as much as $70,500 per year.

Students may also decide to receive their education and training in the field of network support. An education in this field can qualify students to become network support specialists, technical support consultants, network support analysts, and network support supervisors, depending upon the level of education received. Students who graduate from an accredited university and then go on to work in the field in Arizona typically make at least $41,000 per year, with the most experienced and well-educated professionals making as much as $70,000 per year.

Another option for students is to get an education in computer network management. Students studying this area will generally learn about computer programming, statistical analysis, computer science, basic mathematics, marketing, and general business. Those interested in this field are encouraged to seek at least a bachelor's degree for maximum career opportunities. Graduates may work as operating systems managers, general systems managers, or as information security professionals. The best in the business can make up to $90,000 per year when employed in Arizona.

Of course, these are just a few of the many choices available to those who are willing to further their educations in computer networking. Interested prospective students are encouraged to begin looking at schools that offer relevant programs right away. Choices in Arizona include Brown Mackie College, which offers associates degrees in both computer networking/security and information technology and a bachelor's of science in information technology; University of Phoenix, known for its online classes; DeVry University and/or the associated Keller Graduate School; the Art Institute, which surprisingly offers degrees in Game Art & Design and in Visual/Game programming; Anthem College; Arizona State University; Arizona Western College; Central Arizona College; Chandler/Gilbert Community College; Cochise College; Coconino County Community College; Dine college, Eastern Arizona College, and many others.