Can I Find a Computer Networking Degree Online from Georgia?

Georgia residents who are interested in pursuing a computer networking degree online will have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a school and/or program. Best of all, Georgia is a booming state for this field, and strong graduates are almost guaranteed to find a position, even in this rough economy. The best advice for interested individuals is to start looking into and applying for schools and programs right away. All that is needed to seek training is a high school diploma or the equivalent. After that, students can attend associates degree programs or bachelors degree programs. Those who already possess an undergraduate degree are applicable for masters degrees and, after this, doctoral degrees if desired. Also, students of any skill level may seek certifications in certain areas of computer networking.

georgia computer networking schools

As mentioned above, there are many online programs for Georgia residents to consider. One of the most affordable is through Ashworth College, which offers certificates in Computer Network Security and general Computer Networking. Upon completing either program, graduates will obtain a certificate as proof that they have studied the specific area and been trained in it. However, this is not the same as a degree. Certificates tend to work best and be the most impressive when they are coupled with an already existing degree. On their own, they tend to fall short.

Bryant and Stratton College offers an associate's degree in Information Technology Networking. The program can usually be completed in two years or less and the average tuition is only about $14,700. Also, there are scholarships and financing available for qualified students. An associate's degree, however, is just the bare minimum of knowledge. It is usually used as a precursor to a bachelors degree, though there are many people working in the field who possess only an associate's degree.

Those who want to get right to work will do well with a specialized certification from Kaplan University, no matter what their current educational status. The school offers several programs for those who wish to work for the powerhouse networking company, Cisco. These include Cisco Certified Design Associate and Professional, Cisco Certified Network Associate and Professional, and Cisco Certified Early Networking Technician. There are also programs geared toward those who hope to one day work for Microsoft. These are also ideal programs for those who already have employment in the field but who wish to increase their knowledge or gain expertise in a certain area.

Other online schools for Georgians to consider include National American University, which offers a bachelor of science in information technology with a concentration in network management; Strayer University, which offers a bachelor of science in information systems with a networking concentration as well as a certificate in the same; University of Phoenix for either an associates or bachelors degree; and Walden University, which offers a bachelor of science in information technology, focusing on networking and operations. Students are encouraged to look closely at these and other online programs before making a decision.