Become a Computer Networking Professional in Indiana

For those living in Indiana and hoping to get their foot in the door of the computer networking industry, rest assured that it is possible, though it most likely will not be easy. While there are no set requirements by the state for working in computer networking, most companies and/or individual employers will establish their own standards for who they will hire. While some companies will take the inexperienced on at entry level positions, most prefer individuals who have education and/or experience in computer networking, preferably both. Basically every job in the field will require at least a high school diploma. Those who have associate's or bachelor's degrees in related subjects or even in unrelated subjects are preferential, and anyone who possesses a master's or doctorate degree in a related subject is basically set for life.

indiana computer networking schools

The first step then, for any serious minded future professional, is to seek out an education. For those who do not want to commit to a long course of study, getting a certificate in a field related to the desired career can be a smart idea. Certifications in computer systems networking and telecommunications are the most popular certificates, and can often be completed in as little as one semester or term, depending upon the school. Certifications are ideal for those who already have an education but in an unrelated area or for those who are already working in the field and wish to increase their expertise in a particular area. For those who have no education or no experience, however, getting at least an associate's degree is usually the best choice for success in the computer networking industry.

Generally, associate's degree programs take two years or less, depending upon the student. Associate's degrees give students the basic tools they need to work in the field of their choice. Also, if the student decides to continue his or her education later on down the road, most credits earned from an associate's program can be transferred to a bachelor's program. There are associate's programs in many different areas of the field. The most common and basic associate degree is in basic computer systems networking. More specialized degrees can also be earned for those who have a better idea of where they wish to work within the computer networking field. In fact, deciding this information before seeking a degree can make a world of positive difference. Bachelor's degree programs generally take four years to complete, or two years if an associate's degree has been earned previously. These degrees prove a mastery of knowledge of the subject matter and, if earned from a reputable institution, usually include internship and experiential learning opportunities, which can be a great way for individuals to get their foot in the door of the industry and/or to build their resumes and gain useful experience. If, after completing a bachelor's degree, more education is desired, students are encouraged to pursue master's or doctoral degrees in the subject of their choosing.