Programs for Computer Networking in Kentucky

Any Kentucky resident who is interested in pursuing an education and then a career in computer networking will be happy to know that there are many wonderful programs that can help to make those dreams a reality. In fact, it's really just a matter of finding the right program for each individual. There are associate's degree programs that can be completed in two years or less, as well as more intensive bachelor's degree programs that are generally completed in around four years. For those who already have a degree or who simply wish to acquire a select skill set, certificates are another option. There are also graduate and doctoral level degrees and studies available for qualified individuals.

kentucky computer networking schools

One school to consider is Daymar College, located in Bellevue. The school has an associate's in computer systems networking and telecommunications program. Graduates of the program make, on average, a yearly salary of $73,000 when they go on to work in the field. Beckfield College in Florence and ITT Technical Institute in Lexington offer this degree program as well. For those who want a little something different, National College in Lexington offers a dual associate degree in both computer technology and computer systems technology. Similar programs also exist at DeVry University in Louisville, ITT Technical Institute in Louisville, Daymar College in Owensboro, Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, and Daymar College in Scottsville. So, students really have their pick when it comes to choosing a school and a program from which to seek their degree or certificate.

When looking at the different schools and programs, the most important thing to consider is whether or not the school is fully accredited. Getting a degree from an unaccredited school usually won't amount to much of anything, as most employers disregard such degrees. A degree from the right school, however, can be a real door-opener, providing the graduate with boundless opportunities for success. In addition to being accredited, the right school will provide students with internship opportunities so that they can gain valuable experience in the field of their choosing. In fact, many students who successfully complete such internships will go on to work for the company or business where they interned. Obviously then, choosing the right school is extremely important.

Of course, not everyone can physically go to school. One's age, having to work full time, or having children to care for are often obstacles to getting a degree in the traditional way. Fortunately for these prospective students, however, there are many good online schools that offer opportunities for success. Many of these are also incredibly affordable. Online colleges that have programs in computer networking include Ashworth College, Bryant and Stratton College, Kaplan University, National American University, Strayer University, University of Phoenix, and Walden University. Many of these colleges are also able to help online students to find internships in their area of Kentucky. That way, students don't miss out on any of the advantages of attending and completing a computer networking program.