Nevada Computer Networking Salary

Those who have aspirations of working in computer networking in Nevada often have a lot of questions. They want to know the best way to break into the field, what kind of education they should pursue, what the working environment and the average work day are like, and much more. However, for certain, the most overwhelmingly asked question is what the average salary is. Unfortunately, there is no one simple answer to this question. The salary one makes depends greatly on the level of education possessed, how long the person has been working at the position, and many other factors. One of the biggest contributing factors is the area in which the computer networking professional lives. Therefore, that is the easiest way to break down average salaries of computer networking professionals.

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In Elko, computer networking professionals make an average salary of approximately $64,500 per year. Those on the lower end of the spectrum may make as little as $40,800 annually, while those on the higher end of the spectrum can make up to $96,800 per year. There are many computer networking professionals working in this area, mainly due to the fact that Great Basin College, which has an associate's degree program in computer networking is located here. Another major city for computer networking professionals in Nevada is Henderson. Here, the average salary is higher than in Elko, ringing in at approximately $74,000 annually. Higher earners, however, can make as much as a hefty $106,000 per year, while lower earners often make salaries of $45,600. Las Vegas has very similar statistics. Both of these towns are home to computer networking colleges, including DeVry University, ITT Technical Institute, and the College of Southern Nevada.

There are also many computer networking professionals living and working in Reno, which is home to Truckee Meadows Community College. Here, the average salary is a nice $72,000 per year. Some workers, however, make salaries as low as $42,000 annually or as high as $74,400 annually. Computer network specialists, however, exist in such abundance in Reno that they are often underpaid. The average salary for these professionals is lower than the average salary for others working in the field. As of 2005, computer network specialists in Reno earned an average salary of only $52,600.

Mesquite, Nevada is probably one of the best places to be for computer networking professionals. Since there are not many schools with computer networking programs in this area, there is a lack of qualified workers in the field. Therefore, when such workers come along, they are often paid much better than the national average. Mesquite computer networking professionals earn an average salary of $90,113. Obviously, then, this is an area to seriously consider for computer networkers in the state. No matter where one lives, however, it is possible to earn a higher than average salary. All that is required is dedication to one's job and a good work ethic. Those who work hard, no matter what their backgrounds, will be rewarded financially for their efforts.