Arizona Computer Networking Schools

Become a Computer Networker in Arizona

Computer networking in Arizona involves working with software and hardware to enable multiple computers to work together seamlessly. Planning and creating these networks is the first part of the job. Maintaining these local area networks (LAN’s) and wide are networks (WAN’s) can guarantee the ever-growing demand for computer networkers in Arizona State.

arizona computer networking schools

Those working in computer networking in Arizona could find themselves working in a variety of the following environments:

  • Business settings
  • Educational settings – Arizona Colleges, Universities, Public and Private Schools
  • Communications – Wireless, Internet and Cable companies
  • Clinical/Healthcare - Dental Offices, Doctor Offices and Hospitals

Computer Networking Salaries in Arizona

The US Dept of Labor shows the average annual salary for computer networking in Arizona was nearly $65,000 in 2008. However, has the average income in computer networking in Arizona at 13% lower than the national average income. Demand in this area could lend to higher future averages.

A list of average Arizona computer networking salaries is available below:

Position Monthly Annualy
Computer Networking $4,917 $59,000
Wireless Networking Engineer $6,250 $75,000
Support Technician $2,333 $28,000
IT Sales Rep $3,750 $45,000

Schools offering both online and campus-based education programs in Arizona:

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