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Colorado Computer Networking Schools

Computer Networking in Colorado

Colorado is the state with the fifth highest concentration of those working in computer networking. Finding job openings in the Mile High State could be no difficult task for this reason. Working with software and hardware are part of the job when dealing with local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs).

colorado computer networking schools

Currently, Colorado computer networking experts could find themselves working in the following areas:

  • Wireless Communications
  • Healthcare - Doctor & Dentist offices, Hospitals
  • Education -  Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Colleges and Universities

Computer Networking Salaries in Colorado

The average computer networking salary in Colorado is upwards of $68,000 annual. This number varies greatly depending on years of networking experience and education and training. Many Internet businesses are based in Colorado and this will increase the demand for computer networking experts.

A list of average Colorado computer networking salaries is available below:

Position Monthly Annualy
Computer Networking $5,083 $61,000
Wireless Networking Engineer $6,417 $77,000
Support Technician $2,417 $29,000
IT Sales Rep $3,917 $47,000

Schools offering both online and campus-based education programs in Colorado:

Campus Schools:

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Colorado Technical University
Campus Locations:   Colorado Springs
Programs: Colorado Springs - Doctor of Computer Science - Emerging Media , Colorado Springs - Master of Science - Management: Information Systems Security , Colorado Springs - Doctor of Computer Science - Digital Systems Security , more...

Online Schools:

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Northcentral University
Online Programs:   Doctor of Philosophy in Technology and Innovation Management (PhD-TIM) - Cybersecurity , Computer and Information Security - MBA