Delaware Computer Networking Schools

Computer Networking in Delaware

Planning, installing and maintaining the communication infrastructure for a company is what you’ll be doing. Linking computers, servers and hard drives together to work seamlessly is what you can expect working in computer networking in Delaware. Drum up a name in technology or communications and you’ll find a networker behind the scenes. But not just large-scale corporations and multi-million dollar tech companies need computer networking. There are many smaller companies that employe computer networkers on a part-time or full-time basis.

delaware computer networking schools

Currently, Delaware computer networking experts could find themselves working in the following areas:

  • Health Care
  • Educational Institutions
  • Corporate Facilities
  • Communications

Computer Networking Salaries in Delaware

According to the US Dept of Labor and Statistics, the salary in Delaware for computer networking was nearly $72,000 on average, in 2008. Delaware is among one of the better paying states for computer networking in the country. And with such a close proximity to so many other New England states, the job potential for employment couldn't be better.

A list of average Delaware computer networking salaries is available below:

Position Monthly Annualy
Computer Networking $5,417 $65,000
Wireless Networking Engineer $6,917 $83,000
Support Technician $2,583 $31,000
IT Sales Rep $4,167 $50,000

Schools offering both online and campus-based education programs in Delaware:

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