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Iowa Computer Networking Schools

Computer Networking in Iowa State (IA)

To get into computer networking in Iowa you’ll need the right education and training. You can get the right knowledge and experience from many Iowa colleges, universities and/or online computer networking schools. Surrounded by many smaller-size states, Iowa, has much to offer the trained computer networking professional.

iowa computer networking schools

Currently, Iowa computer networking experts could find themselves working in the following areas:

  • Healthcare-Doctors offices, dentists offices and hospitals
  • Education-primary, secondary and post-secondary schools
  • Communications-wired and wireless carriers
  • Large private business and corporations

Computer Networking Career and Salary Outlook in Iowa

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (bls.gov) has got the 2008 average salary in computer networking in Iowa $60,700. Levels of education/training, experience and place of employment will determine the amount of deviation from this salary figure. Many in computer networking in Iowa will find themselves well above the average state salary of approximately $48,900.

A list of average Iowa computer networking salaries is available below:

Position Monthly Annualy
Computer Networking $5,583 $67,000
Wireless Networking Engineer $7,083 $85,000
Support Technician $2,667 $32,000
IT Sales Rep $4,417 $53,000

Schools offering both online and campus-based education programs in Iowa:

We're sorry, we couldn't find any campuses in , offering your program of interest. Below are some online schools that might interest you:

Online Schools:

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Northcentral University
Online Programs:   Doctor of Philosophy in Technology and Innovation Management (PhD-TIM) - Cybersecurity , Computer and Information Security - MBA