Montana Computer Networking Schools

Computer Networking in Montana

Not all of Montana is vast valleys and mountain ranges. There are cities and towns scattered about the state. And in these cities computer networkers are in demand. With your knowledge and experience you can be capable of networking the computers and servers that allow many companies to operate seamlessly using today’s latest technologies.

montana computer networking schools

Those looking to get into computer networking in Montana could find themselves working in some of the settings below:

  • Montana Schools
  • Communication Carriers
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Transportation & Infrastructure

Computer Networking Career and Salary in Montana

Depending on your education and experience, one working in computer networking in Montana could do very well. Salaries are typically above the average income when comparing computer networking salaries to the average salary. And, with a lower than average cost of living, Montana could be a good state to earn your degree and begin your new computer networking career.

A list of average Montana computer networking salaries is available below:

Position Monthly Annualy
Computer Networking $5,417 $65,000
Wireless Networking Engineer $6,833 $82,000
Support Technician $2,583 $31,000
IT Sales Rep $4,333 $52,000

Schools offering both online and campus-based education programs in Montana:

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