Becoming a Computer Networker in New Mexico

Computer Networking in New Mexico

In the state of New Mexico, there is a great need for qualified computer networking professionals. As such, when these individuals are found, they are very highly paid and experience wonderful job security in their professions. Those who are interested in becoming involved in this lucrative field are encouraged, then, to arm themselves with the tools necessary to succeed. In most cases, these will be the right combination of education and experience. Anyone who has a high school degree or its equivalent can embark upon this journey toward success in the field.

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The first step is, of course, to get an education in computer networking. Unfortunately, there are only a few choice schools in the state that offer degrees and/or educational programs in computer networking. These include New Mexico State University in Alamogordo, which offers a certification in computer systems networking and telecommunications; ITT Technical Institute in Albuquerque, which offers an associate's degree program; National American University, also in Albuquerque, which has a bachelor's degree program in system networking and LAN/WAN management; Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute, also in Albuquerque, which offers two certifications, including a dual certification in computer technology and computer systems technology, and an associate's degree program; University of New Mexico in Los Lunas, which has an associate's degree program; National American University in Rio Rancho, which offers a bachelor's degree; and Western New Mexico University in Silver City, which has an associate's degree program.

Students who pursue an associate's degree will gain general knowledge in this wide and diverse field. Later, if they choose, they can transfer their credits to complete a bachelor's degree program. Associate's degrees are usually completed in two years or less and give the student the foundational knowledge necessary to succeed. Bachelor's degrees usually take four years to complete and educate the student more fully in the field. Certifications are for those who already possess an education, perhaps in an unrelated field, and who wish to increase their knowledge and expertise in a certain area. Different programs are right for different people, and it can be a good idea to speak with a college or career counselor about which programs would best meet an individual's unique goals and career plans.

While in school, it is in the student's best interest if he or she is able to work in a related field. This will give the student real world experience and will also help the individual to make important computer networking connections. Upon graduation, the completion of an internship in a related field is encouraged, as this will give the student further experience and will serve as a wonderful resume builder. Having just the right combination of education and real life experience is the real ticket to succeeding in computer networking. Once a position is found, new workers should be prepared to show off their knowledge and to work hard to earn even more lucrative and prestigious positions in the computer networking industry.

Schools offering both online and campus-based education programs in New Mexico:

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