Computer Networking Salary in New York

Computer Networker Income in New York

The state of New York is one of the best and most booming places to be for computer networking professionals. Workers here experience great pay, some of the highest in the country, and impeccable working environments. Of course, however, not everyone will be paid the same amount. One's salary depends greatly on many factors, such as location, exact job position, educational background, job experience, and how long one has been in a certain position or with a certain company. With that said, it is possible to ascertain the average salary of computer networking professionals in a certain area. This does not mean, however, that this figure is exactly what any computer networking professional would make. In truth, salary is more dependent on how hard one is willing to work.

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In Albany, the average yearly salary of a computer networking professional is approximately $72,500. However, those on the lower end of the spectrum can make as little as $47,600 annually, while those on the higher end of the spectrum often earn as much as $101,300 per year. Those working in the towns of Schenectady and Troy can expect similar salaries. Amherst falls a little lower on the salary scale. The average salary here is approximately $72,000 per year, with those in the higher bracket earning as much as $107,000 annually and those in the lower bracket earning approximately $43,000 per year. Buffalo is a similar town in terms of earning . In Batavia, the average yearly salary is $62,300, with a high of $89,000 and a low of $39,000. Bethpage, Garden City, and Melville fall quite high in the yearly salary category, with the average being approximately $82,400 per year, with highs of $90,000 and lows of $51,000. The highest earning cities, as one might expect, including New York City and New Rochelle, where the average salary is approximately $93,000 per year. Higher salaries can be as much as $101,000, and lower salaries are around $56,000. It is important to keep in mind, however, that the cost of living is much higher here than it is in other cities. Liverpool and Syracuse computer networking professionals earn an average of $70,000 per year, with highs of $100,700 and lows of $46,000. Slightly higher salaries can be found in Rochester, where the average is $73,000 per year with highs of $78,000 and lows of $46,000.

Obviously, then, salaries can vary greatly depending on where one lives. Even within a certain city or state, it is evident that the salary range varies widely. The only way to ensure reaching your highest income earning potential is to work as hard as possible. This work should start long before one ever secures a job, however. It starts with gaining a strong educational foundation and then finding and successfully completing a solid and impressive internship program. After this, one's work ethic should shine through every day at work. Employees who are big earners are those who are dedicated to their jobs completely.

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