Computer Networking License in Rhode Island

Computer Networker in Rhode Island

Many people are unsure of the purpose for earning a certification in computer networking. The reasons for doing so, however, are numerous. For many, certifications are simply a way to supplement one's education, especially if a degree was previously earned in another, unrelated field. When this is the case, a certificate shows prospective employers that, though the individual originally studied a different subject, he or she has demonstrated knowledge in a specific area of computer networking. It is also common for professionals already working in the field to obtain a certificate in a specialized area. Often, this is because the certification allows them to work in more or different areas of computer networking. In some cases, it is because their employer has suggested or recommended it. Still others seek certifications to determine if they would be interested in a particular area before they devote the time to earning an associate's or bachelor's degree. And some people simply are not able to attend college long enough to obtain an associate or bachelor degree, so they instead opt for a certificate. Whatever the reason, a certification from the right institution can be extremely helpful towards furthering or obtaining a career in computer networking.

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Fortunately for those in Rhode Island, there are many wonderful schools that offer certification programs in a wide variety of subjects. The trick is simply to find the right one for the individual's specific career goals and dreams. For those who are unsure of the right certification program for their desired career, speaking with a college or career counselor can often be very helpful. These individuals are trained to help others get the education necessary to reach their dreams.

Sanford Brown Institute in Cranston is one of the many schools that offers a certification program in computer systems networking and telecommunications. The Community College of Rhode Island, located in Warwick, offers this certification as well as a dual certification in computer technology and computer systems technology. The school also has an associate's program for those who decide, after completing a certification, that they wish to continue their education. Likewise, New England Institute of Technology, also in Warwick, has a wonderful associate's program in computer networking. These, of course, are just a few of the Rhode Island schools that can help to make a career in computer networking a reality. Students are encouraged to research many different schools in the state before choosing a program.

For those individuals who do not have the time or the money to attend a traditional college, there are also many online colleges that offer computer networking certifications. Ashworth College, for example offers certifications in general computer networking and computer network security. For those who plan to seek specific jobs with CISCO or with Microsoft, especially for those who have already been offered a position pending further training, Kaplan University has several programs available. Strayer University also offers many highly specialized certification programs. Individuals are encouraged to begin finding the right school for certification today.

Schools offering both online and campus-based education programs in Rhode Island:

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