Computer Networking Job Outlook in South Carolina

Computer Networker in South Carolina

In South Carolina, there are currently many open positions for computer networking professionals. All it takes to land one of these lucrative and rewarding jobs is a combination of experience and education. Some people do find entry level positions without ever having any formal training or past experience, but these are few and far between. For a guaranteed entry into the field, applicants absolutely must possess a little bit of both. The question is, of course, what order to get them in. Most people would assume getting an education before gaining experience is the most logical course of action, but it's actually better to do both at the same time.

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Students in an educational networking program can choose to gain experience in one of two ways. First, they can find a very entry-level position that deals in some way, shape, or form with computers. This can even be something as simple as working as a computer salesman for a large chain store, such as Best Buy. Anything will do, as long as it is computer related. Students who hold jobs such as this during college are more likely to be hired straightaway after graduation, because such a position shows that the student has computer knowledge, no matter how basic, in a real world setting.

Another option for students, and perhaps the more viable one, is to take on an internship during college. The best colleges and universities will have internship programs that students can readily apply for. The more internships a student does during his or her years as a college student, the better. Some internships even have the potential to turn into real careers. Furthermore, some internships are also paid, allowing students to both gain money and experience at the same time. No matter whether a student chooses an internship or a job, doing something experiential during college is a key to future success.

What needs to happen for the educational component depends heavily on what the student plans to do after college and in what aspect of computer networking he or she plans to work. Some positions will only require a two year associate's degree, while others will demand a bachelor's degree or even a master's or doctorate degree. In some cases, just a certification may be sufficient for the position. It is up to the student, however, to know the educational requirements of the job he or she wishes to possess in the future. Speaking to a college counselor or to a career counselor to help plan is a good idea.

For those who are unsure of what exactly they hope to do after graduation, getting a basic associate's or bachelor's degree in a computer networking related field is a good first step. Later, if the student desires, he or she may supplement the general degree with a certification in a more specific area. As long as individuals seek to gain both experience and the best education possible, they are certainly headed for success.

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