Becoming a Computer Networker in Tennessee

Computer Networking in Tennessee

Hands down, the simplest and most straightforward way to become a computer networking professional in the state of Tennessee is to get a solid education in computer networking. For years, research has shown that college graduates who receive a degree related to computer networking excel in the field. They have an easier time getting jobs, and they tend to stay at those jobs far longer than those who have no formal training. Furthermore, those who possess a degree or, at the very least, a certificate earn far more than those who do not.

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There are many different types of education that can be pursued. Some students, for example, opt for a two year associate degree. While these usually take a full two years to learn, many people do complete them in less time by taking heavy course loads or attending summer school. An associate degree is a great starting point for those who want to gain general knowledge in the field but who do not yet know which area they wish to specialize in. Credits earned in an associate program can easily be transferred to a bachelor degree program. Bachelor programs are usually completed in approximately four years and help the student to gain a broader knowledge of the field and a specialized area of that field. For those who do not wish to pursue a full degree, certifications in certain areas are also available from many institutions. Interested individuals are encouraged to learn more about the educational requirements of the job they are most interested in.

Once a student knows what degree he or she is interested in, all that is left to do is to begin research colleges and universities with applicable programs in the state of Tennessee. Luckily for prospective students, there are several. Northeast State Community College, located in Blountsville, is an excellent choice for those who wish to pursue a certification. The school offers a general certification in computer systems networking and telecommunications, as well as a specialized certification in system networking and LAN/WAN management. For those hoping to pursue an associate degree, other choices include ITT Technical Institute of Chattanooga; Daymar Institute of Clarksville; Pellissippi State Community College in Knoxville; South College in Knoxville; DeVry University in Memphis, which also offers a masters degree program; Remington College, also in Memphis; Nashville State Community College in Nashville; the National College of Business and Technology, also in Nashville; and the Tennessee Technology Center at Pulaski.

With so many educational opportunities available right in the state, there is absolutely no reason not to pursue one's dreams and goals. Most of these fine colleges and universities offer internship programs as well, so that students can earn real world experience in the field of their choosing. Those who are still exploring their options in the field are free to try a variety of internships in order to determine what the best fit is for them personally. Everyone who is willing to get an education can have a career in computer networking.

Schools offering both online and campus-based education programs in Tennessee:

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