Computer Networking Salary in Vermont

Computer Networker in Vermont

In Vermont and in most other areas of the country, salaries for computer networking professional vary widely from person to person and from position to position as well. However, two people can do the same position and one can make a great deal more money than the other. This is due to a variety of factors. Some of the many factors that have an influence on a person's salary include exact location where he or she works, the company worked at, level of education, how specific one's education is to the position, amount of time at the position, and the amount of time with the company. In general, the higher one's educational status, the bigger the area one lives in, the more widespread the company, and the longer a person has been with that company or in that position, the better and higher the salary will be.

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With that said, let's take a look at the average salaries of various computer networking professionals working in the state of Vermont. In Burlington, the average salary of a computer networking professional is approximately $72,000 per year. However, those in the 90th percentile can make as much as $107,000 per year. In the 75th percentile, the salary is $87,000; in the 50th percentile, the salary is $67,000; in the 25th percentile, the salary is $54,000, and in the 10th percentile, the salary is $45,000 annually. For Montpelier, another of the state's larger city, the average salary is approximately $72,000 per year. In the 75th percentile, $71,000; in the 50th percentile, $50,000; in the 25th, $42,000; and in the 10th, $36,000. Obviously, with such wide disparities between these groups, it is beneficial that computer networking employees strive for the very best education and career longevity possible.

Fortunately, for those who wish to increase their salaries, there are many wonderful colleges in Vermont that offer educational opportunities. Champlain College in Burlington is one such example. This school offers an associate's degree in computer systems networking and telecommunications, as well as a bachelor's degree. Obviously, the bachelor's degree is the better choice of the two. This four year degree gives individuals a broad understanding of the field and enables them to work in it in many different capacities. The associate's degree, however, can still be useful. It gives individuals a general knowledge of the field and, in cases where there is no education, can increase salary. Another good Vermont College to consider is the Community College of Vermont , which is located in Montpelier. Here, students can earn an associate's degree in computer systems networking and telecommunications. This college is the better choice for those on a budget, as its tuition is comparatively cheaper.

Everyone, of course, wants to make the most money possible working at their chosen profession; computer networking professional are no exception. However, the focus should always be on doing the best job possible. This, after all, is what will make the most difference in the long run and what will have the most effect on salary.

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