How to become a Computer Networker in Virginia

Computer Networking Virginia

Becoming a computer networker in the state of Virginia is something that many people aspire to. However, most people do not realize what it actually takes to excel at this profession. While there are no legal "requirements" or "restrictions" on who can work in computer networking, most companies and businesses in the state have their own set of requirements as to who they will and will not hire. In general, what most companies look for is someone with a solid educational background in a field related to computer networking and with at least a little bit of experience.

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Obtaining an education in computer networking is not a difficult task in Virginia, since there are many wonderful schools that cater to this need. Students here have opportunities to earn associates degrees, bachelor's degrees, masters degrees, PhDs, and/or certifications. What degree will be necessary depends greatly upon the exact position that the student wishes to one day have. For this reason, it is always in a student's best interest to choose a position before beginning any kind of educational program. There is nothing worse than completing a degree and discovering it will not be useful in the intended career.

Generally, lower entry-level positions can be obtained with just an associate's degree. An associate's degree, which is usually completed in approximately two years, gives students a general understanding of the field of computer networking as a whole. As such, graduates will not possess specialized knowledge and will generally not be applicable for more prestigious positions. The good news, however, is that credits earned in an associate's degree program can easily be transferred to a bachelors degree program in order to obtain a higher degree and, along with it, a better position. For those who do not wish to advance too far in the field but who simply wish to work in it in some capacity, an associate's degree is a good fit.

Anyone who wants to seriously pursue the career, however, should possess at least a bachelors degree. These four year degrees provide all of the general knowledge of an associate's degree in addition to the highly specialized knowledge in ones chosen field. Almost any position can be obtained with a bachelors degree, except for the ones at the very top. These are usually reserved for candidates who possess even higher education, such as a masters degree or, ideally, a PhD.

Certifications do have some value in Virginia, but they are the least preferred of all of the academic choices discussed here. Certificates only focus on one specific area of computer networking and usually train an individual to perform one specific job. As such, they are good for those who want to stick with the same position or for those who are already working in the field but wish to increase their knowledge in a certain area. They are usually not the best fit for those with higher aspirations. Students then are encouraged to think about their long term goals when deciding upon a degree program.

Schools offering both online and campus-based education programs in Virginia:

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