Becoming a Computer Networker in Wisconsin

Computer Networking in Wisconsin

For Wisconsin residents who would like to pursue a career in computer networking, there are certain steps that must be followed for success. This article will outline them in detail in the hopes that all individuals can reach their dreams and their full potential.

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  1. Research the Field: The first and most important step for anyone interested in pursuing a computer networking career is to research the field and to familiarize oneself with it. Learn about the different positions in the field, and pay special attention to what type of education and/or training is necessary for each one. After research, the individual should ideally narrow his or her choice of career down to one or two options.
  2. Look for Educational Opportunities: There are many different colleges and universities in Wisconsin that have computer networking programs. However, every program will not be right for every individual or for every career goal. Compare the programs available at various colleges to one's career aspirations. Spend a lot of time thinking and, finally, make a decision as to whether or not to attend school or some type of training. If a traditional college is chosen, make sure that it is fully in line with the job that is desired.
  3. Apply for School or Training or Look for Work: For those who decide to go the educational route, the application process is the next step. Usually, this will involve filling out an application and writing a personal essay about why one desires to be a computer networking professional. Take time with the application process, and make it as good as it can possibly be. Also, it is a good idea to apply to more than one school, in case the student is turned down. For those who do not wish to pursue formal education, the next step is simply to begin looking for entry level positions in the field. Be aware, however, that not all careers will be amenable to this. For some positions, it is absolutely necessary to have an education.
  4. Attending School: While in school, students should strive to do their very best. They should make the best possible grades, as many positions will ask about grade point average. Furthermore, students should always be on the lookout for internships, jobs, or experiential learning opportunities that can help them to gain real world experience in the field. Even the smallest jobs can come in handy here, as they can lead to making important computer networking connections.
  5. Apply for Positions: Once a student has graduated from a program, it is time to begin applying for positions. If an internship was successful, the graduate might try applying at that place of business. If not or if the student simply prefers another position, it is time to start looking through the classifieds and networking with others. Eventually, all of that hard work will pay off, and the individual can enjoy some much deserved success.

Schools offering both online and campus-based education programs in Wisconsin:

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