Options for Computer science Jobs in Alaska

A job in computer science in Alaska can be an exciting and promising career. Computer scientists or those with a degree in computer science have a variety of options, as far as jobs are concerned in Alaska. In the following information, we'll provide a snapshot of popular computer science jobs in "The Last Frontier".

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Computer Science Career North to the Future Senior level careers in computer science are considerably more lucrative than entry-level. However, they often require an advanced degree. In addition, job candidates must meet the minimum requirements for experience in the field. System Administrator A system administrator manages and maintains software and computer systems for institutions and other types of businesses. This career in Alaska can earn from $48,000 as an IT Network Administrator to $72,000 as a network security manager.

Computer Programmer Computer programmers write computer software. A coding language allows him or her to write a series of commands that are translated by the computer. A computer programmer who works in Alaska can earn approximately $69,000 per year.

Business Analyst An Information Technology (IT) Business Analyst can earn $67,000 per year. IT Business Analysts play a vital role in the technological development of their employer. A career as an IT or other CS-related business analyst offers a promising future for Alaska men and women with a computer science degree. IT Business Analysts may be involved in various operations including information systems, product development and finance.

Software Developer Software developers have a career based on the development of software. This job title can include anything from designing computer games to software development for mobile phones. In Alaska, a software development lead can earn an average of $79,000 annually.

Biomedical Engineer A biomedical engineer uses the application of ideas and principles learned in a degree program for computer science. Biomedical Engineers with a computer science degree in AK can earn anywhere from $46,000 (Service Engineer) to $75,000 (Supervisory), depending on the level. More advanced levels require more advanced training. In fact, some jobs that fall under this category require up to ten years in previous experience within the field.

Physical Scientist This title earns $67,000 in Alaska, which is lower than the national average, yet still an impressive figure. A person with an advanced degree in computer science that meets certain educational and experience requirements can obtain a career as a physical scientist. (Source: Indeed.com; February 22, 2011)

A computer science degree can unlock a variety of different career titles in "The Last Frontier" state. Computer Science degrees are available in Alaska at every level from Associate's to Doctoral degrees. Therefore, if you want to become an entry-level CS, you can take the initial coursework to earn an Associate's degree OR if you'd like to become a Biomedical Engineer or some other advanced career level for a Master's or Doctoral degree that is an option, too. When you are equipped with the right education you can get started working in a high-paying field you'll love, as soon as possible.

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