Arkansas Computer Science Careers

Computer science careers in Arkansas command high-incomes. In fact, a Net Programmer within the state can earn $92,000 per year and a Technology Recruiter in Arkansas can earn an impressive $151,000 annually. Aside from financial reasons, there are several reasons why you should choose a career in computer science in "The Natural State". This very lucrative job option means you will be working in a challenging, progressive and exciting career. Keep reading for more information about various careers in computer science, right in your home state.

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An ideal candidate for a computer science career wills posses skills that include effective problem-solving, analytical thinking and paying attention to detail.

Computer and Information Systems Manager

This career involves planning, coordinating and performing direct research to build a plan for a business' computer-related activities. While there are some employers who will hire candidates with a bachelor's degree, many employers in this career path may require an MBA or Master's degree in Business Administration. According to, computer and information systems managers earn a median income of $70,000 for the year.

Computer Systems Analyst

Individuals who hold this job title are responsible for helping companies and other organizations find ways to use their computer technology in an effective and efficient manner. Most employers would rather hire candidates with at least a bachelor's degree and some more complicated job descriptions may require a master's degree. Currently, computer systems analysts are earning an average of $73,000 per year in Arkansas.

Computer Software Engine

Computer software engineers have a variety of job responsibilities that include testing, designing, constructing and maintaining computer programs to match the users' needs. This career specializes in either software systems or software applications. Most employers prefer to hire candidates who have earned at least, a bachelor's degree in computer science. As of February 22, 2011, reported an average income of approximately $67,000 per year in "The Natural State".

Computer Hardware Engineer

If you choose a career in AR as a computer hardware engineer you can expect to perform research, develop, design, test and supervise the installation of circuit boards, computer chips and computer systems. CHEs also work with computer peripherals. In order to become a computer hardware engineer, individuals must have previously earned a bachelor's degree. Additionally, CHEs who work in direct contact with the public are required to have a license. The reported median income for computer hardware engineers in Arkansas is approximately $88,000 (according to

Computer Programmer

A computer programmer is one who writes programs for computers that are used to perform specific functions. In order to be considered for a career as a computer programmer, one must earn a minimum Bachelor's degree typically, in computer science. According to, the average computer programmer in Arkansas earns about $79,000 per year.

Computer Support Specialists

The job duties that are associated with computer support specialists vary, depending on where they work. A CSS may work with customers or co-workers to assist them whenever they are having trouble using their computers, operating systems, software programs and peripherals like, scanners and printers. Some employers within this field will only hire those with a Bachelor's degree in computer science, however, the education level that is required for individuals to enter this field vary according to the specific job. Computer support specialists reportedly, earn about $56,000 per year, according to's salary calculator.

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