California Requirements for being a Computer Science Professional

California residents can have a progressive career when they choose to enter the field of computer science. Individuals in this high-paying career can earn $80,000 a year when they become an information systems analyst in California. A systems analyst in California can make approximately $81,000 and a software developer can earn $96,000 in "The Golden State". Find out more about how you can become a computer science professional in California.

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Individuals who are interested in becoming a computer science professional will be happy to learn that this field can be very progressive, exciting and financially-rewarding. As businesses, organizations and institutions continue to integrate the most sophisticated computer technologies in California and throughout the United States the demand for individuals who meet the requirements to become computer science professions continues to increase.


The job titles for computer science professionals vary from business to business. However, each individual position will normally require candidates to have experience with certain software and hardware programs and to show proof of specialized training, related to the job. Those who are trained in computer science have various opportunities to work as database administrators, computer scientists, systems analysts and programmers (to name a few of the options). Regardless of the specialized field an individual chooses, any career in the field of computer science presents opportunities to create new technologies, solve problems, conduct research and create new ways to apply computer-related technologies. A career in the field of computer science enables individuals to develop, theorize and maintain the newest innovative technologies.

Educational Requirements

Computer science professionals are typically, database administrators, computer scientists and systems analysts. In order to enter one of these career fields in California, individuals must complete certain educational requirements, which can range from an entry-level associate's degree to an advanced doctoral degree in computer science. Both online degree programs and physical campuses provide California students with a variety of different career options. The top computer science careers computer scientists, database administrators and systems analysts typically, require graduates to earn at least a bachelor's degree in the field. While each program varies considering, different schools, different degrees and different programs Generally, the curriculum for a computer science degree is divided into the following categories:

  • 35 percent of the program focuses on computer science issue.
  • 25 percent of the program focuses on science and math subjects that are related to, computer science, but are generally, not within the realm of computer science.
  • 15 percent of the program focuses on elective courses.


California employers are looking for individuals who have a broad understanding of computers and computer technologies, sharp analytical skills and strong problem solving skills. Today's job market, especially in California requires individuals to understand the technological needs of the company or organization, and combine that knowledge with their client's and worker's needs. Anyone interested in obtaining a career as a computer science professional in California should also have solid interpersonal, managerial and communication skills, if they wish to be successful in this career.

Schools offering online and campus-based education programs in California:

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