Delaware Computer Science Careers

"The First State" offers an exciting and competitive job market to those searching for a computer science career. Web designers in Delaware can earn $83,000 per year, web application developers can make an average of $67,000 a year in the state and Java web developers can earn $79,000 per year. A Senior Sharepoint Developer can earn an impressive salary of $90,000 a year.

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Not only does "The Small Wonder" offer competitive salaries to its computer science professionals, but there are also a variety of different careers that are available in Delaware in the computer science field. Delaware offers a lot of options when it comes to finding a career in computer science. According to the Senior Job Bank's list of the top 100 occupations in the state of Delaware there are an abundant number of computer and computer-science related jobs. Near the top of the list at number 17 is an Operations Research Analyst, coming in at number 22 is a job as a Database administrator, and a career as a management analyst made number 34 on the list. Aside from these high-ranking jobs, Computer Programmers are number 46 of the most popular jobs in Delaware. Additionally, Computer Science Teachers (Post-secondary) made the list at number 68. Other computer science-related jobs that made the list include Computer Software Engineers (Applications), Computer Operators and Operations Research Analyst.

In the following information, we will highlight two of the top careers in computer science in "The Diamond State" to provide you with options so, you can choose a promising career in CS in Delaware.

We'll start at the top with the title, Operations Research Analyst. According to, Operations Research Analysts in Delaware earn an average income of $95,000 per year. This career deals with mathematical modeling methods that are used to for policy formulation and other managerial-related functions. An Operations Research Analyst uses different analyzing options such as, data mining, simulation, statistical analysis, linear programming, computer modeling and other mathematical techniques to analyze options and plan business ventures within a business. Most businesses that hire Operations Research Analysts will hire someone who holds a bachelor's degree in computer science. However, depending on the nature of the work some businesses may require an advanced degree, at least a Master's, in order to be considered as a candidate for employment.

Database Administrator is the next job opportunity we'll discuss for CS professionals in Delaware. According to's Salary Calculator, Database Administrators in Delaware earn a median annual salary of approximately $76,000. A Database Administrator is responsible for utilizing database software to store, organize and manage computer data from databases. Other common responsibilities of the job include planning security measures by using backup, data integrity and security. Database Administrators in Delaware commonly work in labs and offices, working about 40 hours per week. Job seekers can improve their chances of getting a job as a Database Administrator by working in a co-op program or internship, where you can learn the computer skills you need to. While a degree is not required for this career, due to this rapidly changing field a growing number of employers, particularly in the field of computers are seeking workers with a graduate degree.

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