Requirements for Computer Science Education in Florida

The state of Georgia is one of the fastest growing states in the country. In 2007, its population grew to more than 9 million. These rapidly-changing demographics are a major indication of Georgia's continually booming economy. The job fields that have experienced rapid growth in Georgia include the healthcare and computer industry. By earning a degree in computer science you'll be able to gain an edge on the competition.

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Georgia computer science professionals earn an average of three percent MORE than the average salary for CS professionals nationwide. In fact, Information Technology (IT) Directors in Georgia can earn approximately $90,000 to $121,000 a year and a Supervisory IT Specialist can earn an average of $114,000 a year. A Senior Business Systems Analyst can earn $90,000 per year in the state, as well. There are more than 70 public colleges and universities and more than 50 private schools for higher learning in the state of Georgia (many of these schools offer computer science degree programs). In addition, the state also offers several vocational/technical schools that provide students with computer science training classes, and of course, anyone living in Georgia can enroll in online courses for maximum flexibility. Therefore, Georgia residents who are hoping to find a computer science degree program in Georgia have plenty of options.

There are several schools and universities in Georgia that offer students the opportunity to earn a degree in computer science. Residents of "The Peach State" can earn a degree in computer science at any level, from an Associate's degree in Computer Science to a PhD. The school you choose is dependent on the type of degree you would like to earn. In addition, the school/degree program you choose will have an impact on the requirements that you will need to complete in order to be eligible to enroll in the program.

For instance, a Master's program at any university in Georgia will likely, require students to have a bachelor's degree in computer science. One program for computer science in Georgia, requires applicants to submit at least three letters of recommendation (stating how the applicant will utilize this degree and excel in their continued education and in the field, as well) and their GRE test scores. Students who do not have a bachelor's degree in computer science or a related field will likely, need to take undergraduate classes in addition to their master's coursework. Generally, a Master's program in Computer Science will last two years, however, it can take longer for students without a strong knowledge of computer science.

Tip: Most advance computer science degree programs in Georgia are very competitive, and it may be difficult to get a spot in the classes you would like to take so it's a good idea to apply in advance. "The Peach State" offers Georgia Residents the freedom to earn a computer science degree, at any level. If you think a career in computer science is right for you why not start looking for Georgia schools (or online schools) that offer computer science degrees, right now?

Schools offering online and campus-based education programs in Georgia:

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