Hawaii Careers that Pertain to Computer Science

Hawaii is an excellent location to start a career in computer science. Computer science professionals not only have an exciting and rewarding career in a progressive field, but there are also a variety of career options in "The Aloha State".

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Software Development Managers in the state can earn approximately $68,000 a year.

A career as an Application Developer in Hawaii can provide an annual income of $72,000.

A Software Architect in Hawaii can earn an average salary of $82,000 per year.

Self-Employment Careers in Computer Science

Hawaii residents who hold a Bachelor's degree or higher in computer science don't have to work for a company or a large organization they also, have the option to become self-employed, as well. In 2008, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 48,000 of the more than one million computer programmers were self-employed. That number is steadily growing and you can imagine why rather than sitting in a stuffy cubicle, wearing uncomfortable clothes or having to answer to a demanding boss computer science graduates in Hawaii can go into work for them. Below, are some of the options for self-employment in the computer science field?

Freelance Programmer This type of self-employment involves writing programs and working on projects for clients. The most difficult part about getting started in this career is problems finding clients. The majority of freelance programmers find employment by designing their own webpage to advertise their services online OR by searching on freelancing websites for work. A freelance programmer's income can vary drastically, depending on the programmer's number of clients and the type of projects that are being performed. Freelance programmers have the option to provide either a flat or hourly rate for the projects they complete.

Independent Software Products Developer With the increasing popularity of smart phones, the internet and video game consoles those with a computer science degree in Hawaii can start a career for themselves by developing independent software projects. Many major corporations such as, Rovio Mobile and others allow independent programmers to develop their own apps and games to cash in on the profits.

Business Owner Anyone who has earned a computer science degree is well-equipped to know the ins and outs of programming and computers. While this degree may not teach students a lot about business CS degree holders can choose to start their own IT-support center or software development company. The cost to start your own business depends on a number of different factors including the size of the building where you will be working and the number of employees you hire.

Blogger While it may seem strange to graduate with a degree in computer science to write it can definitely be a lucrative career. The popularity of blogging has exploded, and niche blogs such as, blogs that are related to programming or other aspects of computer science are doing extremely well. Hawaii residents who have a background in computer science can blog about different programming techniques or provide their services as an online blogging analyst. Computer science bloggers can make money from ads or by watching their website scale the charts of the Google search engine to receive compensation.

Is a Computer Science Job in Idaho Lucrative?

Exciting job opportunities are available for computer science graduates in Idaho. The job market for computer science professionals in Idaho is good, right now and is expected to continue. Not only are there several opportunities for individuals who have been trained in computer science, but the pay scale for this skilled profession is ever-increasing, especially in Idaho. Keep reading to find out more about the money you can make by working as a computer science professional in "The Gem State".

There are a variety of exciting and financially rewarding careers within the computer science field, particularly in Idaho.

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