Requirements for a Computer Science Degree in Indiana

"The Hoosier State" produces more than corn and other natural resources those living in the state can also earn a degree in Computer Science that will prepare them to work in an exciting and progressive field. Indiana is home to several top-rated schools, and several of these high-ranking options also offer a degree program for those interested in learning about computer science.

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Computer science is comparatively new the computer science degree programs that are available today were derived from the departments of physics and mathematics. A degree in computer science is versatile and enables students to study practical and theoretical concepts while focusing on software and engineering. Earning a degree in computer science creates a number of different opportunities and career paths for computer science graduates. Various degrees are available to Indiana residents who wish to learn more about the field of computer science.

Computer Science in Indiana: Degree Types

A Bachelor of Science degree is an undergraduate degree that is available to students who have successfully completed the requirements for computer science through an accredited school. The requirements for these programs vary tremendously, from school to school; therefore it's important to remember to find out what the requirements are at your school.

A Master of Science or Master of Engineering degree in Computer Science is a degree for graduates. One of the main requirements for these degree programs is that graduates must have earned a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science. At the culmination of the program, students need to have completed at least 30 credits of computer science-related graduate courses. In addition, some CS Master's degree programs require students to write a master's thesis (a research paper) before they receive their diploma. Sometimes, students who are in a Master's degree program in Indiana will need to complete certain requirements if they were not able to show proficiency in CS-related subjects.

A Doctorate of Philosophy degree is the final degree one can earn in the field of computer science. The coursework for this program is advanced, in order to prepare graduates for future on-the-field experience. The culmination of the program requires a written dissertation based on the information written about, earlier in the program.

Indiana graduates who hold a degree in computer science will have a variety of options that are available to them. They can enter a variety of specialized fields or areas of research, depending on personal preference and the level of degree earned. The career field breaks down into two separate aspects: engineering and theoretical computer science. Areas of specialization within the field include natural language processing, artificial intelligence, number theory, combinatory, graph theory, various theoretical aspects of discipline and quantum computing. Most CS degree programs focus on subjects that include, network engineering, information security, operating systems, programming languages, and software engineering. However, these courses often, overlap because the most successful CS degree program will need to involve both, practical aspects of discipline and theoretical practice.

Schools offering online and campus-based education programs in Indiana:

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