Computer science Jobs in Kansas

Computer science jobs are becoming more and more popular throughout Kansas, and there are several reasons why. Computer science careers are in demand jobs now, more than ever. Those who are trained in the field or have earned a degree in computer science can earn a competitive salary by using their skills in the state. In addition, there are also a variety of different employment opportunities to choose from for those who are residents of "The Sunflower State". Find out more about some of the most popular career options that are available to computer science professionals in Kansas.

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Computer Software Engineers in KS: Career Information

Computer software engineers in Kansas are skilled to design and create a variety of different types of software. Some software engineers specialize in making computer games, while others choose to create word processing programs or operating systems. If you wish to have a head start on a career in computer software engineering in Kansas you'll need to earn a Bachelor's degree. In addition, those who remain in this position are required to continue their education, in order to ensure they are updated on the changing expectations and standards that are associated with the industry. The average annual salary (according to on February 23, 2011) for Computer Software Engineers in Kansas is around $82,000. Computer and Information Scientists in KS: Career Information

This exciting career deals with creating computers and designing the software that allows the computer to operate. The majority of those who are in this field in Kansas do not work with a standard desktop computer, but rather with medical computer science, virtual reality and robotics. For those who wish to excel in this career choice it is recommended to earn a doctoral degree, but the minimum requirement to enter the field is a master's degree in computer science. Computer and Information Scientists can earn $80,000 or more in "The Sunflower State".

Professional Hacker in KS: Career Information

A Professional hacker is one who assists law enforcement and the government, as an "ethical" pro-hacker. A person in this role will help to track down criminals using computer activities and works to prevent computer hacking. This active and enjoyable career offers an impressive salary of $85,000 or more. Professional computer hackers are required to have, at least a bachelor's degree in the computer science field or in information technology.

Information Technology Business Analyst in KS: Career Information

Business analysts who deal with computer software are also known as, "Data Miners". IT analysts work to address and analyze the needs of particular consumer groups and use the information taken from that analysis to devise new ideas for software, programs and computers. This advanced career often, requires a master's degree in math or computer science. Information Technology Business Analysts who work in Kansas are estimated to earn $74,000 in annual income.

Whichever field you choose, it's important to have the right education and training before you enter the field of computer science. Try not to choose a career path in computer science, based on income alone, but rather choose an option that suits your skills and personality to find a career that you'll love in computer science in KS.

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