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Kentucky is growing by leaps and bounds, especially in terms of financial growth and employment opportunities related to a computer science degree. Whether you live in Louisville or Lexington, Owensboro or Bowling Green (or anything in between) you have a variety of opportunities to find employment in the computer science field. However, in order to enter most computer science career fields, you are often, required to have specialized training, in the form of a computer science degree. Each state is different, in terms of what they offer those interested in computer science.

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Find out more about the history of the computer science degree and we will also discuss information about getting a computer science degree in "The Bluegrass State".

The History of Computer Science Degrees

The subject of computer science was created by physicists and mathematicians as a way to process data scientifically. In the beginning, computer science departments were originally just, applied mathematics and mathematics departments this is due to the fact that mathematics are the basis of computer science. In 1936, the British mathematician, Alan Turing (who was affectionately known as 'the father of computer science') wrote about a hypothetical device where he described "programmable computers", which later was branded with the name the Turing machine. This machine was designed to read, write, erase symbols and perform logical operations. The Turing machine paved the way to build the foundation for computer science in its modern form.

Computer Science Degree Types in KY

There are various degree levels in computer science for individuals in Kentucky to choose, depending on what type of career they would prefer. The requirements vary greatly across the board for schools that offer computer science degree programs in Kentucky. Therefore, before you select a school it is a good idea to do some research about the type of degrees that are offered, the courses that are available and the requirements to enroll.

A Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree is granted to students who have completed the necessary computer science requirements to qualify for the degree program.

A Master of Engineering or a Master of Science degree program is both computer science graduate programs that normally, consist of 30 credits that are required to complete these programs. Additionally, some computer science degree programs in Kentucky require a master's thesis, a research paper written by the student at the end of the program. There may also be other prerequisites that are required to enroll in a computer science program. In addition, students who did not demonstrate proficiency in the field at the undergraduate level may be required to fulfill other requirements, depending on the school's guidelines.

The final degree a student can earn in the field of computer science is to earn a Doctorate of Philosophy degree. This degree program requires Kentucky students to complete advanced course requirements and turn in a written dissertation based on the original research that was done in the program.

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