Is Louisiana a good Place to get a Computer Science Degree?

Louisiana is most famous for hosting two extravagant street attractions: the New Orleans Jazz Festival and Mardi Gras. However, while the good people of Louisiana appreciate fun and music – this state also takes its computer science education, very seriously. The Sportsman's Paradise (aka Louisiana) once was solely dependent on agriculture, but over the past several decades it has experienced incredible financial growth related, in part, to the development of computer science and computer-related commerce. However, with recent problems in the economic condition of our country – you may wonder if Louisiana is a good place to get a computer science degree.

Louisiana computer science schools

Computer Science: Career Outlook in Louisiana

Currently, computers play a major role in the lives of those living in Louisiana and across the country. They are used to communicate, to entertain, and to pay our bills (among thousands of other purposes). As computers become progressively more important –so does anyone who holds a computer science degree from an accredited school, college or university. The outlook for computer science professionals in Louisiana looks good and it's expected to continue improving for an indefinite amount of time. Therefore, in terms of the future of a career in computer science in LA – the sky is the limit.

Computer Science: Education Options in Louisiana

Students have plenty of options when it comes to finding a science degree program. There are a large number of higher learning facilities across the state of Louisiana.

The state of Louisiana is home to 25 private colleges and 62 public colleges and universities, many of which, offer computer science programs. Many of these schools also provide students with the option to take online classes, for students who need a more flexible class schedule, as well. Both online and campus-based degree programs in Louisiana give students the option to receive their Associate's degree, Bachelor's degree or Master's degree in computer science. Students who wish to extend their educational experience beyond that point will need to attend a campus-based degree program in order to earn their Doctorate of Philosophy, which is the maximum level one can reach, in terms of a computer science degree.

Computer Science: Pay Scale in Louisiana

While the economy continues to decline, careers in computer science, particularly in Louisiana are experiencing a rise in salary. While the average computer science salary in Louisiana is well-below the national average – the demand for computer science professionals continues to improve and along with it – so do the salaries for careers related to computer science.

Here are a few computer science careers and average annual income statistics for CS professionals who live and work in Louisiana:

  • A Software Architect can earn around $79,000 a year in Louisiana.
  • A Senior application Architect in Louisiana can earn an average of $92,000 per year.
  • A Web Architect can make about $81,000 a year, on average in Louisiana.
  • Lead Programmer Analysts in Louisiana can earn an average annual income of $67,000 a year.

When you consider the job outlook, the education opportunities and the pay scale for computer science professionals in Louisiana – it's easy to see that overall, Louisiana is an excellent place to earn your degree in computer science.

Schools offering online and campus-based education programs in Louisiana:

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