How to Network with Computer Science Professionals in Maine

There are multiple advantages for computer science professionals who know how to network with other professionals in their field. Benefits CS professionals may experience, in terms of using networking techniques include executive recognition, career advancement and an increase in business, for computer science graduates who own their own business. If you'd like to experience the benefits of networking by learning how to do it we'll explain how you can network with other computer science professionals in Maine (aka - "The Pine Tree State").

Maine computer science schools

If you live in Maine and you're a computer science professional it's very important for you to have plenty of professional contacts. Here are a few suggestions for how to network with other computer science professionals who live in Maine:

Use your "computer skills" to network online. You can register for professional networking site. Examples of such sites include the popular option, Linked In and other lesser known sites that are still a great way to connect with like-minded professionals include, Ecademy, Focus, YorZ, Xing, Gather,, Net Party, Plaxo, and Networking for Professionals. Another rising social media option, Facebook is no longer just for connecting with friends it's also a great way to network with professionals in your field, as well.

Join an online professional network that does the networking "work" for you. Computer science professionals can become a member at a business-based network that caters to professionals. Joining online executive networks will give professionals a forum, where professionals can meet each other. This is especially idea for busy computer science professionals who don't have the time to network the network department will make a list of contacts, and make initial contacts for you.

Keep in touch with old friends, colleagues and co-workers, especially those who share the same interests, as you because they may be a valuable resource for your career. The math nerd you made friends with in science class could very well become the president of a major multi-million dollar company today. A great way to reintroduce yourself is by requesting an email where you can send an online Christmas card.

Tips for Networking with other Maine CS Professionals

  • Always keep your resume up-to-date. If a connection with a computer science professional leads to a sudden interview or meeting it's important to be prepared with an updated resume that cites your most recent events and accomplishments.
  • Always keep business cards handy. Executive connections need to have a physical object that they can look at when they want to contact you. By providing new contacts (and old contacts) with your business card it gives them a snapshot of your professional identity (with contact information) that can be taken anywhere.
  • Make sure you look professional. When you are meeting other CS professionals face-to-face, you should always have a clean, neat, and professional appearance. In addition, you should also maintain a positive attitude and confident posture.
  • If you have decided to join a group for networking purposes, you should never be afraid or intimidated to speak with a representative, if you have specific questions.

Schools offering online and campus-based education programs in Maine:

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