What Computer Science Jobs are in Massachusetts?

If you live in Massachusetts and you enjoy working with computers you might be considering a job in the computer science field. The job opportunities are extensive (and the computer science job market continues to see growth. However, if you're thinking about a career in computer science in the state of Massachusetts you're probably wondering "What job opportunities are available for anyone holding a computer science degree in 'The Bay State'?"

Massachusetts computer science schools

According to Indeed.com, the CS job offerings in Massachusetts pay 12 percent higher, on average, when compared to the national average for computer science professionals. There are a vast array of jobs that are available for computer science professionals (particularly in Massachusetts) ranging from computer operations supervisors, web designers, application programmers and junior business analysts (just to name a few). In the following information, we'll provide a description of some of the jobs that are available for computer science professionals in Massachusetts.

Computer-Aided Designer

The requirements to become a computer-aided designer in Massachusetts include a Bachelor's in computer science and a post-secondary education in drafting. High school courses that may be helpful for further knowledge in this career include computer technology, science, mathematics, design and graphics.

A qualified candidate for a computer-aided designer should have the ability to draw and should also possess the ability to express ideas through verbal and written presentations of drawings and plans. would be responsible for involve preparing relief maps and drawings to be used for projects such as, constructing bridges or highways and the development of flood-control projects such as water control systems and pipelines. Computer-aided designers or CAD drafters utilize computer software, handbooks, tables and calculators to create innovative designs for a large number of products that people use in everyday living. In Massachusetts, the average annual income for a computer-aided designer is about $71,000 per year.

Junior Business Analyst

A junior business analyst is responsible for assisting senior business analysts and managers, including the chief financial officer of their company. Common entry-level functions for this position include managing databases, examining a company's performance and providing written reports. The qualifications for this career include either a business management degree with prerequisite courses related to computer software and hardware or a bachelor's degree in computer science. Qualified candidates for this job opportunity must posses critical thinking skills, having the ability to work in a group setting and critical thinking. Computer science professionals with this job title have the opportunity to work in a number of different settings including, market research firms, government agencies and transportation companies. A junior business analyst in Massachusetts can earn an average of $82,000 per year, according to Indeed.com's Salary Calculator.

Web Designer

A web designer's job duties are to meet with clients to develop internet web pages. Individuals who complete a bachelor's degree in computer science will be well-equipped to handle various computer language and will have a background for a career in management. Anyone who is part of this ever-expanding and constantly-changing field will likely be required to complete annual certification training and attend seminars that will keep their skills updated and fresh. Those who work in web design may work in a variety of different settings including, computer development firms, academic settings and technology companies. Web designers in Massachusetts can earn about $85,000 on average (according to Indeed.com).

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