How Missouri Excels in Computer science

If there is one primary factor responsible for the quality of workers in any field, it is the quality of the education those workers have received. In Missouri, not only are there quality computer science programs, but there are also a large number of them. This makes the Show Me State a great source from which companies can recruit future employees in the various computer fields. This also means that in many instances, the state and companies in the state have the opportunity to hire state graduates before they can take their new-found and studiously-earned skills elsewhere.

Missouri computer science schools

From the Gateway Arch in St. Louis to Kansas City and all points between and surrounding, within the borders of the state, residents can find a multitude of options should they decide to pursue additional education and eventual careers in computer science. While the number of higher education campuses makes them accessible for most people in the state, there are also online options for individuals for whom attending classes on a campus is not desirable, whether because of distance or time concerns.

Located on the border with Kansas and intermingling with Kansas City, Kansas; Kansas City, Missouri (the state's largest city) could be called the center of computer science learning within the state. No less than 10 institutions within 20 miles of this city offer Computer Science as a major. A course of study that has gained in popularity over the last several years is computer animation. A degree in this field can be parlayed into a career in entertainment (movies and TV) as well as in advertising and in the business community--designing various interactive websites for businesses and organizations.

In Missouri, the 24th state admitted to the union, many students are getting the necessary degrees to become computer software engineers. Without software, computers are of little use. After graduation, computer engineers will have the opportunity to put to work all that they learned in the state's computer science programs. They will be able to make practical use of the theories and principles of computer science to develop and enhance software that will have many uses in computers throughout the world.

Computer science and software development are quickly changing, adapting to keep pace with technology, which at times appears to be moving forward at an unsustainable pace. This means that programmers and designers have to be constantly learning and constantly putting into practice the knowledge and skills they obtained while in school. Regardless of whether students enrolled in Missouri computer science programs eventually gravitate to computer games, operating systems, business applications or other fields, they will have the opportunity to build a strong foundation that will prepare them for what they encounter in the real world.

While its learning opportunities may be Missouri's biggest contribution to computer science, it should be noted that because many students graduate and work in state, their contributions ultimately make the state a hot bed for a strong, competent workforce capable of not only keeping up with technology, but in many instances shaping it.

Schools offering online and campus-based education programs in Missouri:

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