What is the Computer Science Salary Range in Nevada?

The amount of money paid to professionals working in the computer science field varies significantly based on the actual jobs these individuals hold. Currently in Nevada, it matters not so much what a person's salary is, but rather that he has a salary.

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The news is bad for residents of Nevada. In a state that once posted low unemployment rates, thanks in part to a thriving tourist economy and gambling revenue, things have changed. In the last month of 2010, the state had the highest rate of unemployment in the United States. Nevada began the year with a 13 percent unemployment rate and by December that number had risen to 14 and a half percent, the highest in the country. These numbers are fueled in large part by two factors.

The national recession has greatly reduced the amount of money being spent on non-essential items. A trip to Vegas for gambling and a show falls under this heading for a large segment of the population. As the economy improves, which may still be some time, the gamblers and tourists in general should return. This should mean a major boost for Nevada's economy. However, the second factor may not be remedied so easily. The real estate and mortgage bust that has hit the country affected this state as much, if not more than any other.

The number of empty homes, abandoned by owners who could not afford the mortgage payments is the state's number one problem. While the value of homes on average has dropped about 60 percent over the last five years, there is no one to purchase them, even at bargain prices. Builders, in large part, over built expecting an influx of new residents to the state. It will take many years before the state's housing market is close to any level that could be called normal.

Thus, with the unemployment rate being around 15 percent in some of the state's larger cities, the expanding field of computer science is a welcomed site. So how much can a person with a degree in computer science earn in the state of Nevada? There are numerous professions for Nevada residents with computer science degrees, so the salary will fluctuate depending on the actual job and other factors. However, teaching may be a good way for some workers to find employment in the current economy. On average, the amounts graduates holding computer science degrees can demand for their services are increasing throughout the country.

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