What is required to get a Computer Science Degree in New Hampshire?

The scenic views of New Hampshire and the multitudes of outdoor recreational activities make the state a popular tourist destination. Lake Winnipesaukee, White Mountain National Forest, Old Man of the Mountain and Daniel Webster's birthplace are a few of the many attractions that make this state a great place to visit and a great place to work and live. Should you decide to reside in New Hampshire, a career in computer science could be a great choice for the future.

New Hampshire computer science schools

Choosing a major can be a difficult process for high school graduates about to enter college. For those young people who have definitely decided to pursue a computer science related career, the next step is narrowing down the career choices. Do you want to work designing software? Do you want to work with the actual nuts and bolts of the computer? Do you want to provide security for computer systems? There are many more choices as well. College freshmen don't have to narrow down the field before they start classes. Actually, students will probably get a better idea of what they want to pursue as a career as they get further into their studies.

Choosing a school to learn computer science in New Hampshire can be challenging—not because there are few options, but the opposite. The state has so many post- high-school institutions and programs offering computer science as a course of study. The options are a combination of two and four year programs at colleges and universities, technical colleges, vocational schools, and certification programs. Once schools are chosen, students can expect to confront some of the following courses and meet similar requirements.

For a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, students will need to earn 130 semester hours of course work. This number and all the following numbers used in this article are based on several programs in New Hampshire. Before entering an institution or program a student should contact an advisor and verify exactly what is required to earn a degree. English will not account for a large part of these 130 hours. Three hours will suffice provided the course has a research paper as part of the requirement. Also part of the 24 hours of general education core will be three hours of a math or a statistics course beyond intermediate algebra. Filling out the 24 hours will be at least six hours of science and one of the courses must include a lab, six hours of behavioral science and six hours of arts and humanities courses.

Other general requirements include four hours of study in world issues, four hours in business communication, four hours of probability and statistics, fours hours of calculus, four hours of interpersonal communications, two hours of learning strategies, four hours of social and behavioral science (an elective). And of course there will be the computer courses that directly relate to chosen majors.

This should give potential computer science students in New Hampshire an idea of what to expect as they work toward a degree. The exact requirements will depend on the program in which students are enrolled.

Schools offering online and campus-based education programs in New Hampshire:

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