How is the job market for computer science work in New York

Well-trained and skilled workers in the computer science field have as good a chance as any group of professionals when it comes to finding employment in the different states of the United States. The state of New York is no exception. Whether we are talking about Buffalo (where the economy has been hit particularly hard), Rochester, Binghamton, Norwich, Watertown or New York City computer science is one of the top fields for employment opportunities in New York State. And the attractions of New York City alone are enough to influence many workers to relocate to the state. However, if The Big Apple is too big, there are plenty smaller locals in the state from which computer scientists can earn a living and enjoy their off time in less congested surroundings.

New York computer science schools

It has been said that one can find everything he wants in New York City. Well, it only makes sense that the chances of that statement being true are enhanced when the entire state is added to the equation. Does this statement apply to jobs in computer science? According to numbers released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer science related fields of occupation are worth investigating. Jobs in these fields are expected to be created at a higher rate than jobs in other fields throughout the nation over the next three years. Virtually every aspect of the business world is reliant on computers and the people who make them work and work more efficiently with software to achieve goals.

So the outlook for computer scientists in the U.S. is very good, but how about in New York. Well, according to a recent article printed in New York Daily News, there is a greater demand for information technology professionals in the city and state than there are qualified people to fill the positions. The days of operating a business without the use of computers are virtually gone. We live in a global environment and computers are part of our surroundings and a large majority of businesses have an IT department. IT professionals in New York can look to start out making around $50,000 a year and that number can increase to around $150,000 with experience. Executives in the field can earn even more.

For people wishing to switch professions and still work as they go to school, earning an associate degree may make more sense. Once this two year program is completed, graduates will be able to work in the computer technology field and pursue bachelor degrees if they wish to continue their education and open up more doors in their careers. Classes that students take as they work on their associate degree include Introduction to Computer Science. Programming courses, data studies, Database Systems and various math courses. At the end of the two year program, students should have a grasp for the theoretical concepts of computer science and a handle on both computer hardware and software.

For a qualified professional with proper computer science training, the odds of landing a computer science job in The Big Apple or any location in New York State are better than average, and improving.

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