How to Get a Computer Science Degree in Ohio

Ohio is a state where it has been said that one can get a taste of the Midwest and the urban Northeast at the same time. Many of the communities are small towns but even the larger towns and cities often have an air of neighborliness. Then there are the larger cities that can bring to mind some of the larger cities on the east coast. While it is the 34th largest state in terms of area, Ohio ranks number 7 in population among the 50 U.S. states. The state has approximately 11 and a half million residents who have the option of attending 13 state universities, eight in-state technical colleges and 46 private colleges. A large number of these institutions offer programs that can lead to a degree in computer science, one of the hottest and most quickly expanding fields in the country.

Ohio computer science schools

To put it simply, the way to get a computer science degree in Ohio is to find schools that offer these degrees, research the requirements for completing these degrees and then pick a course of study and complete the course. An associate computer technology degree from one of the two year institutions in Ohio can prepare graduates for a career in office administration. This degree will signify that its holder has mastered the basics of computer technology. These two-year-degree programs require the study of courses on the subjects of Windows, databases, spreadsheets, word processing, networking and desktop publishing. Another possible associate degree is a computer technology degree that focuses on the technical aspects of computer science. This two year degree will offer the basics in computer technology plus additional studying of Internet applications, website design and creation, business applications, general troubleshooting and entry-level repair skills.

Degrees such as the two types mentioned in the above paragraph can be earned at a number of Ohio's technical colleges as well as online. Online learning has proven to be an effective way for many people in the state and in the country to continue their educations in computer technology and computer science. However, many people prefer the in-person instruction provided in a classroom setting. Sometimes it is easier to ask a question and understand the answer when you are face to face with another person.

Another type of degree that can be earned on a campus in Ohio or online is a bachelor's degree in computer science. An Ohio resident can remain in state and attend one of the local colleges or universities that offer four-year computer science degrees. This computer science degree gives graduates more options than does the two year associate degree and will require more concentrated study of computer theory, software application and advancing technology. Also, students planning to pursue a master's or Ph.D. will need to have a good bachelor program under their belts before being admitted to a top postgraduate program.

Once an Ohio resident earns a computer science degree he will more than likely find the demands for his or her services high, both in and outside the Buckeye State.

Schools offering online and campus-based education programs in Ohio:

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