Oklahoma Job outlook for Computer Science Professionals

In a state traditionally connected with cattle, cowboys and farmers, technology has arrived and been embraced by Oklahoma's approximately 3,751,000 residents. The prevalence of technology in our world makes avoiding technological advances more difficult than embracing them. Companies throughout Oklahoma have added numerous positions for computer science professionals and this trend is destined to continue as the computer and related technology are further ingrained and intermingled in the business world.

Oklahoma computer science schools

What makes computers so ubiquitous is a combination of computer related businesses (and there are many of them) and businesses that while they do not depend on revenue from computers or computer related products do depend on computers to operate. For example, the day to day operations of a car dealership are no less dependent on computers than the daily operations of a store that sells computers.

Regardless of how a business makes money, there is a good chance the operation will have an IT or computer department. In small businesses the IT department may be one person and may not be an official department. The IT department may consist of Mary, who also doubles as a sales representative. Whatever the case, companies need at least one person who has extensive knowledge of computers or, in lieu of an in-house team, companies need access to an outside maintenance source for their computers and computer systems. When the computers are down, more than likely somebody is losing money. These high-tech devices may not be around forever, but it seems no doubt they will not disappear because we choose to give them up and revert to previous days when computers were not so prevalent, or when they were nonexistent. Computers make life easier in so many ways and this ease is addictive, in the workplace and in the home.

When operating properly and used by trained professionals, computers help businesses run more efficiently and at a faster pace. Computers have become essential to communication, be it communication within an office, communication between branches of a company or communication between companies located on different continents. Because the demand is increasing, the salaries attached to computer science related positions in Oklahoma are better than average. Of the top 10 growing professions in Oklahoma, computer related fields occupy two of the positions. Jobs in computer software rank number two behind nursing positions and the demand for IT positions ranks number seven. By the way, many of the computer science and computer technology positions in the state are in hospitals and other medical facilities.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, available careers in computer science are expected to increase by 38 percent over the next five years, creating greater demand for people trained in computer technology and computer science. A person earning an Associate of Science in Computer Science can qualify for entry level positions in computer science and earn between $30,000 and $38,000 a year as a junior programmer, software developer, Internet developer, junior website developer, Web page coordinator or in other entry level positions.

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